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  1. benvo

    Lagfix help.

    Hey, Been happily running 2.1 with a lagfix for a while, i cant remember exactly which one it was. It was done find adbshell, consisted of creating a 1gb space on nand i think to run off. Get 2200 on benchmark scores, anyone know which lag fix it was? i seem to think it was voodoo but unsure. And if i can figure out which lagfix it is, how do i disable/remove it. Im backing the phone up via clockwork incase i dont like 2.2. But i want to update via kies on the off chance it will keep my apps etc... as some ppl have stated they still have apps etc... Many Thanks Benvo
  2. benvo

    Force close problems

    Hello all, My SGS is rooted with ext 3 lag fix, jm3 2.1 android. this was done roughly two weeks ago. For some reason today on start up it is force closing facebook, twitter, chompsms, sky news. And wen I opend ebay it force closes. But ive restarted, left battery out for a bit but still no difference. Does anyone know what I can do?and what the problem may be? Internet browsing working fine and thats what im using atm. Many thanks Benvo
  3. Passworded, is the samsung-firmware pack then, i used the russian one, but didnt come up as 2.2 or with half of the features. With the samsung-firmware pack it did. Benvo
  4. benvo

    Got my SGS, Now for your advice

    Rite i went along and ive now rooted my phone, been trying sort out doing the lag fix (as i can do this on any firmware rite?) the sd card fix. But for the life of me i cant seem to work out partioning the ext3 part. I downloaded that paragon program but wouldnt show up removable drives! Any 1 got any advice on what i can use instead or where i may be going wrong? Also as i couldnt get that to work i looked at doing androidSDK, but having no look with that either atm, its late hopefully a fresh look tomoz maybe whats needed. When reading about ive seen mentioned when flashing firmware, you lose the market poping up when updates are ready, is that fixable or do you lose it completely? @SpruceyB Yeh, Im going to see if i do work out this lag fix, see if i can get it working. And then my next step is either a custom rom or different firmware. Many Thanks Benvo EDIT: i cant seem to figure out to partition the sd card, cant seem to get it to work the adb way. Is there any free software i could use, as the paragon free trial wont work? Thanks EDIT 2: In the end i had to use Gparted to format the card, as paragon didnt do it right when i got hold of a 'pro version'. When i put it into phone, the phone offered to reformat the fat32 part cos was damaged, but as of yet it works fine, seems faster, i get a stall on benchmark, but after 5 mins it does do it and i get 1300's from bout 890, and on a cheapish card. As for now, i going to have a read about to see what else i can find to whether i get some different firmwares installed or custom roms.
  5. benvo

    Got my SGS, Now for your advice

    Thanks for the replys, as for why i want custom roms, im new to android mobiles and when i asked my friend(works in mobile shop) he mentioned about researching it and gettin custom roms running as you can do to an extent whatevers possible on the phone without restriction by stock firmware. Just had a look over on samsung-firmwares, and it states about the phone having to be unlocked? i havn't got any other sims to check if its unlocked, but my carrier did say it will prob be locked when i was first asking about it. So do i need it unlocked or? When changing firmwares, if i dont like the new ones i guess its as simple as flashing back to in my case JF3 yes? Or can you just factory reset or something similar? When you mention 'wipes' Im guessing that means when new firmware is flashed you lose everything, apps and contacts etc? ive seen something about backing up, but can i do that while running stock firmware? If so whats the best program to use? Many Thanks Benvo
  6. Hey, Firstly ill say hello as this will be my first post, had a nosey round the site for past week or so and just joined up today! Ive had a look round the site and read many topics and watched a few videos over the last week while waiting for my SGS to come in stock. I got it today, and im very impressed! ive been reading about rooting and custom roms, and if im right ive took away, that it basically opens up your phone, and you can they tweek and improve with the custom roms out ther. So this is where i nees advice as im hitting a brick wall with so many different options out there, first my phone stats are: Firmware version: 2.1 update1 Baseband: I9000XXJF3 Kernel Version: 2.6.29 [email protected]#2 Build Number: Eclair if any more infos needed let me know to aid in decision. So first what do i need to do to root the phone, do i need to upgrade my stock firmware at all, or can i root straight away? (And also anything i do inculding custom roms and rooting, can i remove this at a later date if i find i dont like the upgraded stuff i do to it, so its back to untouched stock, like in day1?) Secondly, once rooted, what am i looking at with custom roms, from what ive read atm, theres only a couple of custom roms out. So do some offer different stuff or very similar, and how do i make sense of what im actually gettin out of the custom rom, for example ive read some of the features and dont really mean anything to me at the moment. Finally, is there anything else i need to know and take into account? and also whats running custom roms and rooted, whats available to me? or is this still to come with the phone still being 'new out' Many Thanks for any replies and help. Benvo

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