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  1. Odporucam Vam bratia a sestry :) skusit thunderovu poslednu v3 6.1 rom lite. Je velmi svizna a co ma najviac prekvapilo(nechapem) je vydrz baterie. Po styroch dnoch 49percent a to som pouzival wifi a navigaciu. Vyskusal som snad vsetky romky, najviac som bol spokojny s vianocnou daskalosovou 6.5.3kou, ale teraz som presiel na thundera a musim povedat klobuk dole B)
  2. PS: don´t use msentinel in this rom. it will make your b7610 very slow and hardreset doesn´t help.
  3. Thank you thunder for best rom I have ever used. Incredible fast and battery performance. Thank you again :)
  4. Aku Romku pouzivate na Vasej masinke? Ja pouzivam daskalosovu vianocnu ediciu uz 6 mesiacou, ale chcel by som ju zmenit..
  5. Hi Dask. When will you cook new rom for us? I am using your 23151 rom from date you released it and I must say it is the best 6.5.3 rom I ever had. But I want to try something new and maybe better rom than I m using today. Thank you my brother
  6. Mr. Dask. Could you upload your newest rom today please. I am going on vacation tomorow and I would like enjoy it during holiday. Many thanks, you are the best cook chef for b7610
  7. Where are you Mr. Dask? You miss us.. :) and your best rom as well. PS: I am using lite 23144 from first day you share. And i am waiting for it successor...
  8. No u 6.5.3 staci prezvonit a ukaze ti ze niekto volal ale neukaze ti cislo. Nestiha si ho zaznamenat
  9. Hmm. Len tak pre zaujimavost. Velakrat som pendloval medzi 6.1 a 6.5tkou. Vzdy som kompletne flashol csc pda eboot aj phone a zatial pohodicka. Ked to flashujes cez notebook tak by nemal nastat problem, ale z pc-cka bez zalozneho zdroja je to ruska ruleta :) Teraz pouzivam daskalosovu megalite 6.5.3 23144 a musim ho pochvalit za fakt fajnovu romku. Zatial som velmi spoko aj ked ma stve to ring delay B)
  10. Hi dask. What csc, pda, eboot are you using? I am using your last 6.5.3 megalite and I so happy with it.
  11. Hi thunder. What is your configuration? I mean csc, pda,eboot etc..
  12. Hi Thunder. How is it with ring delay in your rom? Is it fix? I am interesting about it because I want to flash it.
  13. Skusil niekto English Lite ROM WM6.5.3 Build 28244.5.3.10 od thundera? Pouziva kernel 28244 ktory ma najlepsi rating a podla benchmarku je aj najrychlejsi.
  14. hi jappoman. i was using dask exp36 rom from its started, but now i was using 6.5.3 and its much better like exp36. Have you upload dask. lite 6.1 rom i can t find it nowhere in forum?
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