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  1. Thank you so much man, it worked. I´ve got a backup of Tasker now. :D
  2. Hello MoDaCo. I herd on reddit and another news source that Tasker has been pulled from Android´s Play Store. Lo and behold, I can´t find it. It´s lucky then that I have it installed. But now I wonder and fear a bit, that I will end in a situation where I have to factory reset my Oneplus One and loose Tasker. It´s a neat little app. Is there any way that I can generate an APK from the installed program? I have a Oneplus One 64 GB edition also known as the Sandstone Black version. As such I have no SD to back it up to, only internal storage, from where I should be able to extract it by connecting it to my PC or store it in something like Dropbox. But first I need to figure out how to get the APK. Do you know if this can be done, and if it can, how to do it? I hope to hear from you soon. I have yet to encounter a problem that the MoDaCo users can´t solve, I hope you can help me with this as well. Thanks Guys. Kind Regards Asselberghs
  3. Hey Guys. I´ve got a bit of a problem I hope you can help me with. I am an IT-Supporter working at a company who suddenly decided to use certificates based on EAP-TLS for Wi-Fi authentication, I daily wish they would just have stuck with WPA2 it mostly resemble a nightmare here, there´s one guy knowing how everything works and he´s not in for quite a while, and the rest of us just trying to figure out how to get it to work when problems arise not having been completely in on how or why it works as it does. Do any of you know how to set up EAP-TLS on an Android phone? When I create a new certificate for people I send them a zip file containing the following files: ca.der email.crt email.p12 email.pem And I have a password for each .p12 file that I hand them in person. I hope you can help me and guide me through how to get this to work on an Android phone. Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Asselberghs
  4. Sorry for the "spam" topic. In what MoDaCo forum should I ask about Oneplus One related stuff? Or should I just keep here to ask about general android/Cyanogenmod related stuff? I see there is a OPO (Oneplus One´s Chinese brand) section but nothing about the One, I believe those devices are either the Chinese version of the One or it´s predecessors. Kind Regards Asselberghs
  5. Post has become irrelevant my friend has managed to fix it. Admins please close this thread and or delete it.
  6. Post has become irrelevant my friend has managed to fix it. Admins please close this thread and or delete it.
  7. Hey MoDaCo. One of my friends has gotten his hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google I/O edition. Problem was it was password protected and the guy he recieved it from forgot to remove his password. He has since attempted to remove the password aparently without success. He tells me he´s tried a combination of several guides and are now at a point where the only thing that will display on the Tablet is the Samsung Logo, he does however have access to the Tablet through ADB it is also visible through the rooting tool Odin. Is there any hope of restoring the tablet? can anything be done through ADB? Hope you can help. Kind Regards Asselberghs
  8. Hi Guys. Do you know how to connect Samsung Galaxy S II stock but branded without root to newest Ubuntu? (11.10) There seems to be an issue because ICS switched USB connection to something called MTP. And now Ubuntu can´t natively it seems connect to the phone. Oh it shows up but with alot of folders with numbers and no content or at least not the intended content. as if it´s encrypted or scrambled or something. How do I get it to connect normally? mostly the only thing I do with it is transfer the content off of the SD card like the photos and videos I shoot with the camera. What can I do about it? or am I doomed to boot into Windows just for the sake of my phone every time I want to transfer something? Hope that you can help. Thank you, Asselberghs
  9. Hi Guys. I am the happy new owner of a Galaxy S 2. It´s not rooted, s-offed or flashed or anything. I installed Google Music apk from XDA-Developers in an attempt to access my Google Music on my phone. Diden´t work now I want to remove it. I can´t using fast uninstaller. Under managing Applications I have cleared it and it´s said to take up 0,0 kilobytes but it still hangs around in the menu, I want it to be gone. I tried restoring everything back to factory defaults, diden´t take care of it. (removed alot of other of my setup though) Any ideas to get rid of it? or maybe an idea to get a US VPN to work on the phone so I can use it for it´s intented purpose? and why can I actually access an app that dosen´t take up space according to the system because I cleared it? Hope to hear from you. The problem with all this is I am from Denmark, Europe and well shoulden´t have access actually but I have access to the web Google music just not the app on Android. Hope for some kind of a sollution, thanks for your help Kind Regards Asselberghs
  10. Hi guys. I am asking on behaf of a friend, as I myself have been a bit "scared" off of constantly flashing my phone. My phone has become quite slow after several flashes. Anyway. He´s using MoDaCO MCR with either A2SD or A2SD+, can´t remember sorry. Now he´s curious about Cyanogenmod. Cyanogenmod is as far as I can tell based upon Android´s native A2SD with some enhancements. will he be able to just maintain his app partition and flash the rom? or can that not be done and he has to wipe the partition and start over? I know that the difference between A2SD and A2SD+ is Dalvik Cache moved to SD card. But I don´t know if A2SD,A2SD+,A2Ext and stuff like that are universal to all roms or something specificly done by the developer. Should he be able to do the move? or is that something that shoulden´t be done? moving A2SD partitions between roms of different developers? Kind Regards Asselberghs
  11. Cool idea m8, haden´t thought of that, yeah that should do the trick. *thumbs up*
  12. The app is here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.music&feature=search_result&pli=1 Call apropriately enough Music by Google Inc. However I get the message that the app is incompatible with my HTC Desire on 3 network. I fear a bit that simply means HTC Desire GSM, I don´t know if it´s the same for the CDMA. Try out the link but I fear it won´t do much good simply because of the Desire device. I´ve no idea why it won´t work on Desire. I hope you can get it to work though. Kind Regards Nick Asselberghs
  13. It sayes "Unallocated filesystem" in gparted and appears gray. why cant i see my fat32, ext3 partitions? i works with the market vertion of apps2sd on the phone. only with 80mb thou. when i made the 2 partitions the first time i made a 15gb(aprox) fat32 and a 1024 mb ext3 and some unalocated space.(16gb SD card) what do i do?
  14. Hi guys This time stuff really badword up now an SD card is unallocated trying just to make it work to get either ext3 or FAT32 on the card full before proceeding with formatting with both FAT32 and Ext3 for A2SD+ purposes. It refuses and it fails partitioning operation no idea what´s wrong. Anyone got some vetaran tips that´s been overlooked by me in panic?
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