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  1. Guys....seriously, stop wasting time on this prehistoric ancient piece of garbage of an os...done with winmo, i feel like i've wasted a year of my life with winmo when android was out there! until wp7 comes, and matures as a decent os (doubt if MS will really do a good job honestly seeing how crappy winmo6.xx has been)....its android for me! i cant be more serious people, go get a real os! -signs out.
  2. hey bro, i've been the biggest fan of winmo and i've been using windows from the pocket pc days! i started with the xda, xda2, blueangel, htc universal, samsung i780 and then finally the b7610. i always felt winmo was an os which could really be modded beyond imagination - which is why i always preferred winmo. i always bought another winmo device, mainly because i was extremely fluent using winmo devices - hacking & modding mainly. i've been cooking roms from the xda2 days (when we shifted from wm2003 to wm5 with persistent storage!!!) to my htc universal and then the i780 days. made quite a few roms for the i780 and shared it with the xda community! finally....ended up buying the b7610 thinking it was the best wm6.xx device right now...and didnt bother checking out any other os! i hate apple, so never an iphone! with android, i had never given it a fair shot - probably due to my fanboism towards winmo in comparison! it was only after i checked out the galaxy s in full depth, and hands on.....i was sold. i just tossed my b7610 in exchange. i understand the intent in constantly trying to improve it with all effort....but seriously man, after looking at a device with a next gen os like android - i feel its futile to even try. its like putting lipstick over a pig...honestly. it has been really exciting all along, i must admit....winmo really dominated during the early days - was a true pc in my pocket! but, im sorry m8....microsoft really screwed up big time by sleeping over it all these years. knowing all of you guys are gadget junkies just like i am myself, i just dont want you guys missing out on the android experience - on a galaxy s (not sure how responsive and awesome it is on other snapdragon devices etc.). make sure you really try it hands on for a good 30-40 minutes....you'll know what i mean. brilliant integration with marketplace - so damn easy to find what u need, simple clicks to install and check out. great communication manager integration, zero fuss! the galaxy s with android is highly refined, polished and perfected - and at the same time is extremely hackable and moddable! ive totally gone crazy over my galaxy s, a high which i've never experienced in ages....no exaggeration guys, really serious here! cheers, San
  3. Sorry guys!!!! I just swapped my b7610 for a samsung galaxy s - android device!!! I'm really done with windows mobile - the crappiest OS ever for 2010 :D i'd seriously suggest all you people go check out a galaxy s for atleast 10-15 minutes hands on - HANDS ON....and i'm sure you'll chuck your windows mobile devices in the sink immediately! The galaxy s is incredibly quick because of the humming bird processor - really really fast! and the UI and everything is soooo refined and polished - it makes windows mobile feel like a joke. i've had winmo ever since 2001....and it was a really hard decision for me to switch - but i finally took the step - its been 3 days and im totally loving the andoid experience. make sure you check the galaxy S only....because this was the device which sold me! all other android devices were only so-so (either slow, or screen wasnt as awesome :D etc.) android - zero fuss device. turn on google maps - boom! lock in seconds, starts showing your location almost instantaneously....brilliant! no seeking satellites, download xtra data all the other bs. everything works JUST brilliant....zero slowdowns! go check out asphalt 5 on the galaxy s - simply mind blowing! ui is soooo refined - from boot up, to firmware update screens to settings to apps available - awesome! true multi tasking! amazing text input - landscape on screen keyboard with auto prediction - is wayyyyy quicker than my b7610s hw kb this was probably my shortest ever owned device! 1 month....! i just threw it out the moment i used the galaxy s! cheers guys, and really people....move out to the galaxy s or an equivalent android platform....winmo is really prehistoric! San
  4. hey guys...will get it all cleaned up and make a build soon. im convinced personally that 6.1 with all the frills is the best right now :) atleast in terms of stability and speed. ive been really busy these days....lots of work :| working this saturday too....so things look a little sucky at the moment :D hopefully....will get something up by sunday. here's whats planned - 1. fix some bugs in my current 6.1 rom (minor annoyances!) 2. pack fingersuite into the rom and get a better main menu! 3. enable threaded messaging 4. get wm6.5 settings and drivers into 6.1 rom 5. get rid of unwanted junk on the rom...clean up space 6. and of course, some more optimization cheers, and sorry guys...to keep you waiting! just want to make a really nice rom for keeps - long term! San
  5. Just checked out iphonetoday - its just brilliant! lots of customizations possible :) this one's definitely replacing samsungs mainmenu :D http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=508429
  6. Hey guys, I just built myself a 6.1 rom - with a lot of optimization....and its clearly the best in terms of stability and performance! I dont know if i'd ever want to try a 6.5 rom after using this! Here's some thinking around this that i'd like to throw up for discussion - 1. the key difference that 6.5 offers in comparison to 6.1 is memory management. Gives us 2 extra slots to dump modules into But....as i see it, this is hardly bringing in any value on the b7610 in my opinion. our device loses almost 100 odd megs for reserved memory (dma buffers, radio, etc.) leaving us just 110-120megs of ram. And on top of this the OS (wm6.5) needs around 40megs to run. And then, samsung's customization - add a couple tens more! So this leaves us with just 40-45megs of free ram on boot (assuming you have your apps loaded). As we all know, MS has its own leaks and holes....and this 40megs drops to 25-30 over time and usage...this really kills the stability of the device imo! So...is it really useful to get those 2 extra slots for modules? thats the question to ask! 2. UI improvements, skinning, swiping and finger friendly navigation Here, I think 6.1 along with samsung's skinning more than covers it! For menus, fingersuite does a great job! Only downside is the main menu application - which sucks (for which i'm making my own main menu application with some nice animated backgrounds and a low memory app to replace the horrid samsungs menu app) So, all in all, the wm6.5 menu improvements hardly adds any value to my usage - this after i've been using my wm6.1 rom with all tweaks! Now for the advantages with my 6.1 rom - 1. BLAZING fast! Really....the 6.5 rom is no match truly 2. Rock stable - zero mem leaks - 3 days no soft reset...kill all apps, 55megs free ram guaranteed! 3. Unbelievable multitasking - load all apps you ever have on the device - everything hangs around in memory...and the device still performs like theres nothing loaded! truly fantastic! Also, it doesnt close apps in the background to free up ram like it happens in 6.5 (because it keeps running out of memory!) 4. Samsungs Lockscreen works perfectly :D 5. No app is running out of ram, everything you throw at it - behaves! I'd like to hear your opinions on this guys! Im soooo sold on the 6.1 rom im running now, that i really really dont want to touch this :) cheers, San
  7. any idea why my 23569 port isnt booting? i've retained .rom/.vm/metadata folders...it goes blank after the samsung animation :) also, can you give me a quick walkthrough on how to port xip for the pro if u dont mind? thanks a lot m8. take care, San
  8. can you give me a quick walkthrough on how to port the xip over which will work with romTool.exe? Do i have to manually use xipkitchen or xipport tools to do it? or can i just replace the updated msxip modules/files into the ROM folder? Another mistake i had made which might be causing my rom to not boot - i didnt use the original metadata folder....currently recompiling with the original metadata folder! hoping that would work :( cheers
  9. hey ernst, do you have any idea how 256megs of ram is being eaten up on our device? whats it being reserved for (DMA buffers and stuff....but over a 100 megs of it for DMA and other reserved os mem really???) any idea how we could mod this to have lesser reserved memory? also...i upgraded the sys folder with a 23569 build...retained the .rom and .vm folders from 21889 build. also, i used the oem folder untouched and compiled a new rom - didnt optimize anything - just a direct compile & build. but the rom wouldnt boot...the screen goes blank after the initial samsung animation and thats it! i havent ported the new xip...could that be the reason it isnt booting? thanks!
  10. same here m8! ive been using palringo for a really long time and it really sucks to have it screwing up with the samsung's today plugins :( can you test palringo on the rom you are currently using and tell me if it works fine? install the latest version of palringo, have it running in the background with samsungs widget screen running. send an IM to your device and see if it causes samsungs screen to refresh - if it doesnt, please tell me which rom you are running and that'll really help :( cheers
  11. glad its working great your end too :( i'll be making another rom - 23569 build over the weekend....i'm quite sure it'll be much quicker...theres a lot more optimization which i skipped to quickly test things in this rom released :( i'll try and speed up the messaging app...lets see cheers
  12. sorry guys, i dont have a premium account on any of the sharing sites. mediafire doesn't allow files greater than 200 megs :( so, can someone host it? thanks
  13. i could do that, but i still have quite a bit of work with the wwe rom. there's a lot more that i can optimize yet :P however...gimme one of your italian roms (rom_dump.bin) for me to work with! dump your current rom with dskdump.exe and upload it. i'll upgrade the core os and optimize it when i get some time. cheers
  14. not multilanguage...english only. make sure you use the right csc file along with the rom. @darthveda - can you post the csc file? so that people have all the widgets and stuff working well :( cheers
  15. flash the rom dude, its blazinggggg fast!!!! :P extremely excited about the possibilities!!! the device is just amazing, phenomenal performance! :( opening apps, closing them, switching - all zero lag! cant wait to optimize further :(
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