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  1. Paul, What do you think of this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1388996 Would it be safe to apply the same procedure to shrink /data AND /system so as to address a major issue on the kindle - internal (and only available) storage space. This exercise could net us potentially up to 2GB on /media with a 512 Mb /data - enough for most people, I'd say? Along the same line of thought, how much, do you think, could /cache be shrunk, especially if one decides to go the way of AOSP ROMs and does not expect to receive any OTA updates from Amazon. Finally, do you have any idea what the /dkernel and /dfs partitions are for(200+ Mb of usable space)? Thank you very much. Nick.
  2. Just out of interest - how much does Globul charge for the Blade in BG?
  3. It is an issue with 2.6.37 and .38 kernels. My understanding is that there's very little to gain from running a .37/.38 kernel on an Android phone compared to a, say, 2.6.35 one, which does NOT have the USB transfer issue. So you could as well try one of those. This one for example: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=883598 Two more things to note: 1) HTC Desires often have issues with HAVS kernels, so it might be a good idea to stick with a SVS one. Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has been able to show HAVS is significantly more energy efficient. 2) With a Desire you'd never get USB transfer rates as fast as you were getting with the Blade. It's just one of very few shortcomings of the HTC Desire - crappy internal SD reader. Finally, a solution which does not require replacing the stock kernel (very nice): Search the market for Multi Mount SD-Card Lite - a clever little utility - actually a widget - that gives you a one touch SD storage mount to a computer while still having the card mounted under Android. As a side benefit you get your Desire's USB transfer rate close to its potential even with a .37/.38 kernel. Downsides of this approach include: phone would freeze occasionally on disconnect from Multi Mount SD - maybe once every 10 times. Also the Lite version has a very annoying ad-supported interface which activates at bootup if the widget is placed on any of your homescreens. Hope this helps. Nick.
  4. Did I mention excellent baterry life? As in very good sleep habits and 7% battery drop over 9hrs with wi-fi on.
  5. Yeah...First thing. And fix permissions. Sometimes it helps - this time it didn't :( Thanks, anyway.
  6. I was wandering if not seeing installed apps in market could be caused by running this ROM with a very small /cache partition. Someone know of a script somewhere to make Android market store its wares on the /data partition instead?
  7. Excellent!!! Thank you very much, Paul. It's really awesome to have a stable/reliable everyday use Gingerbread ROM for the Desire. And now the issues: 1. I can't seem to make ES File Explorer work with the root options - when I have those enabled it refuses to see the SD card :( 2. Anything I have restored from a Tituanium backup can't bee seen in 'my apps' in market, yet works all right with no FC - just can't get updates for those apps. - A re-instal fixed this one and the next. 3. How on earth do I edit the build.prop? And which one? There's a 'nopassword' one there too, but anytime I change something (LCD density to 220 or wifi rescan to 60) The changes look like they get saved but on reboot, they are gone... Now the wishlist: +1 on the trackpad wake/unlock - I'm trying to figure out how to do that myself, but no luck so far - there's this file /usr/keyleyout/bravo-keypad.kl which I played around with - like set 'camera' to 'wake_drop' but it doesn't work. Can't think of anything else to try. It would be really nice to have those pull-down menu controls like on most other Gingerbread ROMs..... Love the 'reboot' menu. Thanks, again, Paul. This was a nice surprise. Nick
  8. Wow! I've seen this mentioned with regard to Desire HD ROMs being installed on the regular Desire and people complaining that notifications are too small - hence the advice 'play around with pixel density and font sizes' I've never done that myself - well, I did now and ...thanks for the idea. This could really fix what I didn't like about the HTC HD2/Desire HD screens - which is great as it looks like 800x480 will be the prevailing resolution on most of the new larger screen phones coming to market in 2011.
  9. I have an AMOLED HTC Desire 3.7'' @ 480x800. Perfect, really nice display. My spouse's (AMOLED) Blade carries the same resolution at 3.5'' - things are a bit small but tolerable. My experience with 4.3'' screens comes from installing Android on two HTC HD2s - for friends. These have the same screen as the Desire HD, I believe. Well....first those screens pale in comparison (pun intended) but, OK, I could possibly get used to an LCD, I think. But then 480x800 @ 4.3'' makes everything bigger without fitting more on the screen. The pixel pitch is noticeably larger, (20ish %) so the notification bar is unnecessarily big and so are the icons. It's my personal opinion that if someone is bringing a 4.3'' device to market, it should be on a higher resolution, especially if they want to call it an up-scale smartphone - i.e like Samsung are about to do. I do realize that not using a Pentile matrix would improve things a bit as far as veeery thin lines are concerned, but not sure if this will be sufficient for a really nice overall experience. That said, I don't know what to make of this one: http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.3.3.html Does that mean Android 2.3.3 does not support a resolution any higher than 480x854? So how do they go about this limitation on the Motorola Atrix? It will be in shops in the US by the end of this week, so we'll see, I guess.
  10. a) They won't or :D put it on cute colourful billboards around town and ..you know...dumb folk is easily impressed.
  11. Yeah! Why is nobody jumping up and down? Very few specs in the news about this Skate device. One thing - 800 Mhz and Adreno 200? I thought the Adreno 200 goes with the 600 Mhz chip and the 800 Mhz one is with Adreno 205 and this chip supports Flash. Anyway, I'm sure there would be more details coming soon. 800x480 @ 4.3 in. is a bit....grainy. But! If they manage to offer this thing in the UK at under 150 quid, I could probably live with grainy for a year.
  12. Same here - I don't know why can't anybody make an Android contacts app that would integrate with social networks the way the one from Sense does. This, and the lockscreen media controls....I've tried a few ASOP builds, but I end up missing this functionality quite a bit....A, and let's not forget the Sense gallery app, which nicely renders photo albums a lot quicker than the Google equivalent and would also integrate Facebook/Flckr albums. I am kind of horrified by the prospect of having, a few months from now, to choose between the Sense functionality and a phone with a larger AMOLED screen - It doesn't look like HTC will be able to source ANY 4.5" AMOLED screens for their 2011 models, Samsung being the ONLY high-volume manufacturer and using most of their output for their own designs....a situation I don't see changing until early 2012. Anyway, about a Sense/Gingerbread ROM - the way I understand the situation is that a Sense port to Gingerbread would be both very work intensive and bug prone due to the proprietary nature of the HTC UI. The only feasible way to get Sense to work on Android 2.3 would be to mod a Gingerbread-with-Sense ROM from another HTC device or obtain a near release-ready leak from HTC. Both of these options are not likely to emerge for another few months. That is assuming HTC developers started working on a new version of Sense UI as soon as Gingerbread SDK was released back in December. This may or may not have been the case: On one hand it became immediately clear that 2.3 did not address Android UI weaknesses in a meaningful way. On the other hand Google are aware of the competitive disadvantage that a mediocre user experience attaches to their operating system. So if they DO address this issue in Honeycomb or another 'for smart phones only' Android release (around June '11???), HTC may decide there's no point developing Sense any further... So there is a possibility that we would never get a Sense-over-Gingerbread ROM ;) :)
  13. http://m.gizmodo.com/5725053/samsungs-sgh+...e-the-new-nexus I would wait for this one, I guess. I'm currently on the same 40/m 12 month Vodafone deal ending in May and, probably an European version of the Infuse is going to be released by then. I don't think I'd be able to apreciate an LCD based phone any more as I've had an AMOLED Desire for some time now. An HDMI out would have been nice, of course - didn't see that mentioned in any spec sheet, so I assume making a device 9 mm thick was more important to Samsung . I also do hope they would be using a different GPS chip in their '11 models, as the one found in the Galaxy S series is reportedly a disaster. I am not aware of any features in Gingerbread that would take advantage of a dual core CPU. Honeycomb does that from what one can infer from the demos, but it remains to be seen if it will make a good smart phone platform. So in all likelihood Tegra 2 chips found in phones will not live up to their full potential untill maybe the end of 2011.
  14. Hm! One thing I really liked about this radio - 32.49... is that GPS fixes became super fast - i.e faster than my car GPS actually. Works indoors too - amazing... Here's something you can try - there is this app from the market called GPS Status - icon looks like a satellite dish - under settings there's this option to flash GPS assist data and re-download. I remember the really fast GPS locks started after I did that. Hope this helps. Looks kind of unlikely that your GPS chip has just died for no particular reason. Nick.
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