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  1. problems started a couple of days ago i can recieve incoming call, but only if i see the phone light up no sound have checked all settings and have tried different ringtones is anybody else having this problem - can anybody help sometimes i get a half second start of a ring tone but mostly nothing in advance I Thank you
  2. Go and get a streak - iphone doesnt even come close
  3. having problems connecting to wifi just set up wifi in my home and the streak says its got full wifi signal has connected to my router in settings but when i try google or market - page cannot be displayed or connection error works fine at work and other places its just my gaff and just to complicate things even more..... ..i had no problems connecting my xbox maybe the streak isn't compatable with my router Belkin wireless G+ Mimo any ideas welcome
  4. Mr Dan

    no calls

    i just got an x8 brand new locked to tmobile. new sim and £10 credit can downlowd apps and all that - just wont let me make calls any ideas peoples please
  5. Switchin it off with power button wont work...sez it is disabled but still no signal Downloaded on off app ... no joy Any ideas welcome
  6. Does any body know how to turn off this incredibly annoying tap tap taptapping pleeeease
  7. I cant get passed backup What am i missing
  8. Mr Dan

    New phone, now what?

    I too am waitin for 02 release Am i right in thinking that because we've had to wait so long that they've had long enough to get it right Well thats what im hoping anyway
  9. if they do push it back am throwin my steak in the deep blue an diggin out my 6210
  10. Finally its coming (since i dont have the balls to loose my warrnty) but now it seems im in for the waiting game again Any body know when we might see gingerbread
  11. Im on o2 started with 1.6 now on 2.1 via ota what will i have to do to get 2.2 ( apart from wait )
  12. Does anybody know how long o2 customers hav to wait for froyo Thankyou please
  13. i've been on the blower to both carphone warehouse told me 4 weeks but could'nt give me a price 02 said i could send it to them so they can send it to dell so they can phone me with a price but no idea how long it takes

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