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  1. Feedback:- -installed the omlaxy-smf4(20121009) - for I8000 on my samsung i8000 and everything work fine,just only some times my phone will hang and have to reset it by the reset button (or pull out the battery). -delayed and hang with black screen when someone is calling in sometime,missed to accept the call. Update With new kernel:- -phone signal not function at all. In fact MinL you already done well ~just keep it on~~ 화이팅!! ^_^
  2. installed on my omnia2 but keep stuck at the cynogenmod booting there... hope can fix it~ ^_^
  3. hi MinL, the download link is in korean language forum and i can't find the link to download it. Can you reupload the files into file sharing website? thanks~ by the way you are well done and thanks for sharing this to us~ ^^
  4. i'm using module 800mhz-133mhz-141mb-16bpp and get the camera issue that the camera option icon display something like interference, can't see the camera option properly.. i also found out that all kernel 4.0 also have the camera issue that all taken photos are saved in black...
  5. halo ipaq i found out bugs they are: 1)the camera's options small icon can't display well.. 2) the cyanogenmod widget of 2g/3g button can't turn on after i turn off it once , evn can't disable it showing on widget bar 3)can't check my phone credit by dialing *122# (USSD code that to checking the credit balance of Maxis commnication in Malaysia), it just jump out into home after i dial this code. sorry for my poor english and just want to inform you there are the bugs i found.hope you can solve it. thanks and appreciate your work~ have a nice day~ :)
  6. i have a problem of my cyanogenmod beta 2, why some photos in others photos can't scanned in gallery even sometime can't view the photos using file manager?just keep loading and black screen only.... anyone can help me how to solve this? thanks~
  7. there is a bug there. i found out that when screen lock the wifi are disconnect then will be reconnect when screen unlock.although my wifi setting are not power saving mode and data connection settting for disconnect data connection are untick the "sleep" box but wifi still disconnect since screen off. any way to solve it?
  8. someone in modaco forum know how to disable the hardware button when running an application of samsung i8000?? seems nobody can solve this since i had post this long tie ago.... =(
  9. hi,any way(edit the registry or modify something instead of install a software??) to disable the hardware button when running an application??especially the camera and the lock screen hardware button.it's very disturbing me when playing the iperov's pocket guitar >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...726&page=13 or , any way to disable hardware button tone when running an application?? instead the way which is OFF the hardware button tone on SETTING...
  10. micmac,can you send me or upload your ROM?i wan to try flash and see..plzzzz... and izit wm6.5 or 6.5.3?
  11. I am regret to flash my i8000..because some function cant work anymore like gps and other apps.Anyone or who are from malaysia omnia 2 user can upload the ROM files for me.(for example csc part ROM I8000XMEJA2). :)
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