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  1. Last month I switched my Omnia for a iPhone4 and I didn't regret it for a second. Everything works so smooth and fast, and although itunes still sucks you learn to see some positive things when you start working with it. I don't think the other 2 choices even come close to the iPhone when talking about user friendliness and 'every thing just works' without a hassle.
  2. ik zou die andere i900 gewoon nog een keer proberen te flashen, kan toch weinig fout meer mee gaan he :unsure: als je deze loopdoor volgt kan het eigenlijk niet fout gaan: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ ik zou zowiezo wel voor een 6.5 rom gaan, veel mooier en makkelijker qua bediening met de vingers.....6.1 is wel heel erg stylus georiënteerd nog... English: I would just give the 'f#@$ed-up' i900 another try in regards to flashing. There's little to go wrong if you'll stick to the manual that you can read in that link. I recommend trying a 6.5 ROM instead of a 6.1 because of the more finger friendly environment of the 6.5 ROM. HMM, just noticed this is an old thread.....so original poster probably has no use anymore for my answer...haha
  3. yes, i know the quickaccesbar is actually iphonetoday based, but how can i get it to hold more then the 1 page of 4 icons? i want to be able to switch it to left or right to have another series of 4 icons to be shown. just like the 'Radd_iPhoneToday_PlugIn___M2DTP_0.3.3.cab' from krazy radd. i think it's just in the settings, because the software used is the same i think, but i can't find it.
  4. Does someone know if it's possible to have that quickaccesbar.cab file have more then the 4 shortcuts? so that you can flip to the left/right and have another 4 shortcuts? (so instead of 1 page with 4 links you have like 3 pages with a total of 12 links?) like iphonetoday plugin? BTW: what's the difference between the latest Premium Rom and the M2D?
  5. You have to wait with unplugging your phone till it says 'Job done!' in the blue progress bar window not when it says 100%. Maybe that's it?
  6. Anyone please? I think this ROM is beautiful but there are these small things that I'd like to get fixed.....so if someone can help me with my questions that would save me the trouble of re-flashing to another, less nice, ROM.
  7. Somebody has some screenshots of how the 23118 Eclipse looks like with the EclipseGrey WM theme?
  8. Hi Andrew, is that 'old' GTX 23118 better (more stable/faster) then the GTX refreshed?
  9. Hello all, I'm using "M2D Sense ROM 5 NOV 2010" and I have some questions: -How can I get the left soft button in the home screen to lock the screen (start S2US), I was using OCK's GTX refreshed before this ROM and I really liked that I could lock the screen from the home screen instead of having to press the windows button and then the lock button. And the right button (now goes to programs tab) I would like to open the camera. -How can I get the OmniaLite Calendar to start on the month view when I press calendar in the today screen? Yes, I have been to settings etc etc but it still starts on today view. -How can I disable the start-up and shut down sounds in this rom? -Looks like sounds for incoming messages are not working when my phone is locked. -How can I get one off the buttons in the iphonetoday plugin to act as the torch button (where to point the shortcut to)? That's it......for now :) (12/18/2010) oh, and the alarm doesn't work. can you please fix this? (12/19/2010) and when I start Google Maps I can see my location thanks to enabled GPS but when I start driving my position on the map doesn't change....
  10. PLEASE HELP. I can not get the WiFi router to work. I start it, set it up with a name and wep key. I start my laptop, search for the wireless connection, it's there, I select it and connect, so far so good. Laptop says connected. But my phone displays: "Ready to accept connections" and next to it there's that turning circle thing (busy icon) I searched on the internet and it should say “Wi-Fi Router running, Connection established” when ready. I waited for a long time but it only displays : "Ready to accept connections" On my laptop it says connected but I can not use the internet because it says not available. Someone knows what's wrong?? (I use the 23118 GTX refreshed)
  11. anyone?? I want to know because everyone is always saying that GTX is the best, so I was wondering if this is also for the GTX refreshed...or is there a difference?
  12. what is the difference between 23118 gtx and the 23118 gtx refreshed rom? please be as specific as possible, thanks in advance.
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