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  1. Nei, du er ikke den eneste! (Eng: Nope, you are not the only one). I have had several BSOD-s with FR19 RC2 and BB 622, and crap (or none) performance with 3G connection, the only way I could get a stable signal was switching to 2G. Tried flashing again and again also with rebake, and with FR19, just the same. GPS wouldnt give me a stable fix either. In my frustration i switched back to BB 502 yesterday, and so far it seems like everything is the way it should be. (I chose 502 because i had really crap quality of audio when calling with BB 614) Edit: No such luck, my phone just BSOD'd on me... But the connection is fine, when the phone is on... So BB gives me better performance, but it seems that I need to go back to FR18.......
  2. Then you are not a paying member, only stable prebakes are available for non-paying leeches :) But kitchen and beta releases is totally worth paying for!
  3. As always, love what you do with this ROM! Can we expect "the norwegian fix" to be implemented in FR19?
  4. I've frozen the "Messages 2.2.2" (or whatever the name of the message-app is in you language, in norwegian it's called "[sMS/MMS Preferanser] Meldinger 2.2.2")
  5. I use GOsms and have frozen the stock sms-app, and both sms and mms works fine (mms actually better than stock IMO). Just remember tick the "I have uninstalled the original sms...."-box in GOsms, and you should be fine :D And yeah, no notification on the lockscreen :D
  6. You have probably baked without quicksearch, this will cause that exact problem.
  7. There was a rumor on xda that Paul's version of CWM to Optimus 2x identified the device as 999(or something), not 990, and could cause reboots when restoring. They recommended flashing CWM from Rom-manager. Don't know if this is true, but I thought you should know...
  8. I've had the same problem without any kind of CPU-deprivation on screen of, however I do use SetCPU-profile to lower freq when battery is <20%. I will give it a try without any kind of CPU-profile to see if the problem withstands... Edit: Just noticed that the "flip-to-mute-incoming-call" and the "flip-to-snooze" does not work. "Tap-to-move-cursor" works fine. I have baked with LG-dialer and stock lockscreen, perhaps there is somthing in this combination that messes with the motion sensors? Anyone else with this problem?
  9. That's why it's called 'hidden' menu :P But if you dial 1809#*990# you might find something...
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