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  1. Here is a link of the ROM compatible with our phones (G510-100/200): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7aiJXKXWaVRZU84RmVvRlVfZUk/edit?usp=sharing INSTRUCTIONS: - transfer zip to sd card - go to recovery - full wipe (dalvik, cache, custom, data and system) - install zip archive - reboot ENJOY
  2. Actually i found this topic at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2402007
  3. All roms are with CN basebands. I started this topic if someone is willing to help port this beautiful software to our phones :).
  4. Hi there, my G510-200 came with the following software so the only solution for me was to install the same stock version. Here is the link: https://mega.co.nz/#!TcFBVTCQ!Sc4-dDXUEWX6WDVQZIzbuTyp7QQo-xu7xfWFu2rcxiY It is a zip file and you have to unzip it. Copy dload folder to your sd card and boot the phone with vol+/- combination.
  5. Here is a link: https://mega.co.nz/#!TcFBVTCQ!Sc4-dDXUEWX6WDVQZIzbuTyp7QQo-xu7xfWFu2rcxiY
  6. Hi guys, it seems that Lewa OS 5 has an official version for Huawei G510 but it is for the Unicom Edition. Is it too difficult to port it for our networks? Will flashing the stock EU baseband solve the problem? Here is the link from the official site: http://bbs.lewaos.com/down_detail.php?id=50 Images:
  7. Here are the shots from my phone. It has emotion UI with JB icons and no bloatware. ;)
  8. Guys I think I fugured it out :P ... none of the firmwares worked with me because you have to find the exact firmware for yr phone. You can find it in the settings menu -> all about phone. It looks like this: Now type that exact code in google and hopefully you'll find the firmware you need. Like I said I found it at a chinese forum (if i spoke chinese probably I would find it myself) :D so google is your friend. My phone is installing right now (hopefully to the end of course). Now after trying all kinds of firmware (including couple versions of MIUI downloaded from a chinese forum) and thinking that i bricked it many times finally I'm begining to think that this phone can always be ressurected from the death :). Thank you all nad I hope this will be helpfull to all that are facing same problems.
  9. Well it begins the update process but after unpacking it says "update failed". Actually I called a friend of mine and asked him to see the software version of his phone. Then I searched it by G510-200V100R001C00B178 and found exact match at a chinese forum. I'm downloading it and will try it later.
  10. I bought it at Vivacom in Bulgaria. I tried all the EU firmwares i found (normal ie, orange, vodafone etc...), also tried stock chineese and singapore version but none of them worked :(. I really don't remember the stock version of the phone but the last rom that was installed was v178 based. I'm not sure if it's possible to flash lower version of stock rom or the chinese MIUI that I tried did something to mess with the phone. Belive me I tried all roms from v168 to v180(cn) but no luck. I'm losing hope here and think to get it back to Vivacom.
  11. Vol+- takes you to official firmware update and it looks for a "dload" folder located on the SD. If there's no sutch folder you get pink screen. You enter recovery by pressing just vol+ and pwr or get in fastboot mode by pressing vol- and pwr. :)
  12. My PC recognizes the phone as a Huawei Device but drivers can not be installed so I don't think i can do anything with the partitions.
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