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  1. Download this recovery and place in the tools folder where adb is. Rename it to recovery.img (Make sure to not name it recovery.img.img if file extensions are hidden). Then open up adb and type 'fastboot flash recovery recovery.img'. Then reboot to recovery via the bootloader/fastboot menu as normal. Place this rom on your sd card and flash it via the 'Flash zip' option. Then reboot.
  2. Yup totally understandable, I figured that's the approach you were taking. I'm just gonna enjoy MCR for the N1 while it's available :huh:
  3. It's on all releases now (I think), I definitely saw it over on the Nexus S forums. Great work btw Paul, running smooth here, tb wake and it's perfect :) You really needed to quote that? :huh:
  4. It's a chinese knock-off which doesn't run Android. It's also got a retractable aerial :/
  5. It's probably a LCD Nexus one which you received. There is a compatible Amon_RA recovery and roms around the usual forums (Try XDA). A quick search should provide you with all the info you'll need.
  6. This happened when I added my Facebook account via the setup wizard but had previously removed friendstream via the kitchen. Simply go into accounts and remove the HTC FB account and it should stop.
  7. The two things I'd love in other roms were the settings options in the notification pull down and FM radio. Though there are definitely some other nice additions there too :lol:
  8. Would you ever consider adding trackball unlock as an additional option? That and a battery % option would make these roms perfection for me :P
  9. For those who may find it useful, this small zip enable trackball wake and unlock (R21 confirmed): http://localhostr.com/files/3690a0/system.zip
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