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  1. Ok since this is "for dummies", I'll post the solution I discovered to my above question. The files are zipped using a program called "7 zip". Just google that and you can download software to unpack it. Then you'll be left with the "fs.iso" file to put into the iso folder. Just if anyone else is curious.
  2. Sorry, I don't mean to necro this thread, but how do I combine the files from the three links to form one iso file?
  3. Thank you so much speedfrog, trying it now!
  4. Thanks guys for the replies very much vernon_ Instructions talk about creating partitions on My Storage. Very far out of my knowledge base, but thank you for the link speedfrog I took a look through, very convoluted, I was hoping there was some sort of tutorial. Will look again later though, try to make some sense of it all. Thanks again.
  5. Oh my goodness, it works AMAZINGLY. Thank you so much OP. The only issue I have is the windows file explorer won't work on my phone, I have to use the Samsung MyFiles thing (I keep getting an error notice as soon as the file explorer opens). But confirmed I can write to My Storage again. Amazing, thanks again OP very very much.
  6. I've been away from my i8000 for a while, and as such haven't been keeping up with the Android stuff. I had the first beta release working just fine way back when, but now the only guides I see are talking about installing a virtual machine, partitions, etc. I'm in no way knowledgeable about stuff like that (makes cruising sites like this and xda a challenge at times), so I'm wondering is there a "for dummies" install procedure at all? I could probably get the virtual machine thing down, but I don't even know what a partition is. Not to mention I just finally got My Storage back so I really don't wanna eff it up again. Many thanks. -edit- It was actually the Alpha release now that I think of it. By the time the full Beta came out, my My Storage was turfed and I had gotten another phone.
  7. I picked up the quantum from Bell in Ontario tonight. So far, I love it. I've had an LG before, the Voyager. Now, while that one is a regular cell phone, the keyboard was pretty slick. However I'm not the biggest fan of having one on a cell phone (too many moving parts that can break). but on the quantum, it's a work of art. Very easy to type with. I've only had the phone for one evening, and I'm already getting pretty quick with it. My only gripe would be that it is a little too loose. I was hoping for a phone where you had to push on it to open it. When I reach in my pocket for it, I can constantly feel the keyboard sliding out just a touch. A stiffer keyboard hinge would have been perfect. The screen is noticeably smaller than, I think, all the other wp7 devices. However that just means a higher concentration of pixels. And to be honest, coming from an Omnia 2, I don't even notice it that much. All the text is completely readable, and nothing feels small or cluttered. The brightness is great as well. I know Samsung has their SAMOLED thing going, but the Quantum screen seems to be on par with anything else right now. Overall, wp7 is delightful to use, and actually helps your productivity in whatever you're doing. And I love the xbox live integration.
  8. So tonight, after months and months of frustration and laggy bugs, I finally picked up a windows phone 7. I got the LG quantum through Bell (and turned down the $7/mo "insurance" lol from another thread). I researched the hell out of every smartphone OS in existence, and knew 100% going in that wp7 was the one for me. Although still it's a gamble, purely because 6.5 was such a disaster. What's that saying that W. Bush is famous for saying? Fool me can't get fooled again or something like that? Anyways, after just a couple hours of playing with it... oh. my. goodness. This is what a smartphone should be. It is headache free. There's no task manager to keep an eye on. There's no file browser to navigate when installing or tweaking the phone. And most importantly, there are no tweaks needed. At all. This thing has the perfect "it just works" value. My wife has an iPhone and while I can appreciate it's status, I find them boring. However, next to my wp7, it now looks old and outdated. I honestly believe microsoft hit a home run with this. A complete grand slam. I can pull it out of my pocket, check something, throw it back in, and know that there isn't now an app open taking up battery and memory. And most importantly, I can pull it out of my pocket and know it will work seemlessly and effortlessly. I'm just... beside myself how night and day this and 6.5 is. Anyways, gushing aside. I want to extend a massive and very heartfelt thank you to all the developers and programmers who made my 6.5 days a little more bareable. You truly lit up my day as I discovered things like the lockscreen light patch, or the auto close patch. Because of you my device went from absolutely useless, to workable. Thank you very much for all the hours I know you spend going over code, testing, flashing, installing, etc. I haven't programmed since using QBasic in the 90's, but I think that means I can relate, and understand how frustrating it can be. Just know that it is much much appreciated. Sure the internet is the new "wild west", but there are good, helpful, honest people out there. Every single dev I ever messaged got back to me right away with an answer or a suggestion. This community is fantastic, and it only saddens me that I have nothing to contribute. See you guys around the wp7 forums. Thank you again.
  9. So I have "rotate screen" mapped to a long press of button 2. Last night I went to bed and plugged my phone in. I got settled in and reached over and picked it up, thinking I was long pressing the lock button. But I was long pressing button 2, which of course made titanium crash. I've seen that happen before so I just sighed, thought, no big deal, and turned the phone then back on, and went to sleep. Well I just woke up and discovered that: -MyStorage is gone (showing as 0.00mb in samsung memory settings -sms/email won't load (any of them. I have turned off the samsung skin, but kept threaded messaging turned off. Nothing will load, not winmo sms/email, or Samsung sms/email. AND I can't receive sms. I tested with my wife's phone) -titanium won't load I was going to do a registry recover.... but my registry backup was in MyStorage. Things I can still do: -make/receive phone calls -surf internet (with Opera 9.2 but IE barely works) -normal apps work ok Now I just realized that I backed up MyStorage to my PC, so I've just copied over the registry recover file and recovered it using PHM... and now it appears that sms/email works again, and titanium is working fine. Ok so two questions: -any idea what happened?? -to fix MyStorage, I just follow the procedure in the thread below correct? Is there an easier way that doesn't involve hard resetting the phone? I find out Tuesday if my work will be graciously providing me with an actual smartphone, so here's hoping.
  10. *sigh* yes but it's a "google" phone, not a "samsung" phone. Meaning Google's supporting it. I read that they will support and update all Nexus phones until the harwdare can no longer support it. Maybe I should've specified, SAMSUNG-SUPPORTED phones have left a sour taste in my mouth. I have no problem with the hardware on its own.
  11. I can see it being the carrier's fault. I'm not sure about other places, but Canadian carriers are awful to their existing customers. They are all smiles and deals when you're "signing up" (in quotations cause you could be an existing customer opening a new line), but as soon as you're an existing customer, they don't give a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] about you. At all. And to the OP: You're running Android on one of the most advanced smartphones available. Try not to get too upset over an update. As someone who is still running one of the worst OS's in human history I can tell you that I would love to have your problems.
  12. Geez who knows. I'd say the Galaxy S Vibrant, but it's Samsung. The omnia 2 has left a sour taste in my mouth. Then I'd suggest the LG Quantum. But A) while win7 looks amazing, winmo has left a VERY sour taste in my mouth, and B ) the hardware design looks like garbage. And I've heard there are problems with the HTC Desire Z keyboard. Get a Nexus S and unlock it to work with Bell?
  13. I wouldn't send it to Bell. Furthermore, I would cancel their little $7 scam. My screen got scratched a while ago and when I called, they said that any service costs... $150 dollars. But, she said condescendingly, you don't have to pay full price for a phone, isn't it worth it? I said no, I hate this phone, cancel that ridiculous "insurance". So I'm stuck with a scratched screen. If I had $150 to "fix" my current phone, I would just buy a better device off Kijiji. And just today I realized that I too have dust under the screen. Mostly in the middle coming from the bottom near the left. This phone is so bad, it's honestly like a bad joke. Like Samsung is at some point gonna hold a press conference, rub the back of the necks and sheepishly say "ok guys,.. we- we were just kidding. Here's a replacement with a real OS and real screen. Sorry about that"
  14. Awesome to see the beta is out!! ;) I will probably install at some point and try it. I have a question; why did the dev team start writing letters to Samsung in the first place? What would be the point? Also why has Samsung not let them release the 2D/3G libraries (or whatever it was, my apologies)?
  15. I think he's just asking if a keyboard exists that looks and acts like the Samsung dialer. I'm guessing not a skin, but a separate app?
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