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  1. i'd like to backup my phonebook and SMS messages so i could flash my phone. could someone give me an 100% working solution for this, and when i restore my messages, will they be in inbox and in the same order as they are now? thanks!
  2. is there any IR remote app for i8000? i've tried noviiremote, but unfortunately it doesn't support my phone.
  3. i want to totally remove android from my sd card, but i can't. i tried formatting my card from the phone menu and by inserting it in card reader then formatting it, but nothing helped.
  4. wtf is google? :D i thought it's something you've made, but thanks anyway. and btw, there is no text ingame, all the areas where the text is supposed to be are plain white.
  5. please can you tell me where can i find that version of angry birds? thanks in advance!
  6. how can i go back for one step only in menus? for example, when i go to settings/wireless and press back, it will get me back to home screen, but i just want to go back to wireless menu. is it possible yet?
  7. this morning market stopped working for me, it continuously gives me an network error. i have all the updates, i'm connected with wi-fi (browser works fine).
  8. i have spb mobile shell 3.5 and i was wondering if i can change an icon for certain items on main screen and put my custom icon.
  9. i installed the latest version on my I8000 following instructions in Post #8. after reboot android starts, but i can't start using it since it keeps asking me to create an google account. could someone please help. EDIT: i rebooted and it works now. however, i can't exit call log; i opened settings menu and couldn't go back, so i pressed hardware keys and somehow call log opened.
  10. sorry to bump this old thread, but i had the same problem and found a solution, so i want to share it in case someone else needs it. i woke up yesterday and my phone was off due to empty battery. i couldn't charge it either with usb nor wall charger. i was desperate, started thinking it's something serious, and then i stumbled upon this thread. so i realized it's possible that my battery is "stuck" because it was emptied flat. i left the phone on a wall charger for whole day, night and the following morning (this morning), but it still didn't work. so this whole morning i was really angry and then, half an hour ago, an idea crossed my mind... if my battery is "asleep", maybe i should "wake it up". i realized i've got nothing to loose (aside battery), so i took the battery out, and shocked it's contacts twice with a simple, empty electronic cigarette lighter, (something like this http://img20.imageshack.us/i/electroniccigaretteligh.jpg/). i hooked the phone to a wall charger without hoping, but as soon as i plugged the cable in, charging indicator showed up on screen! :lol: i was amazed, really couldn't believe it, but it works and thanks God for that, because i was going nuts. :)
  11. is there some keyboard layout for i8000 that looks like i8000's default dialer (or some other with similar sized keys)?
  12. i've just reinstalled my system (win7) and i have problems connecting my i8000 via USB. after i plugged my phone to PC, it installed windows mobile center automatically, and prompted me to install .net 2.0 (which i refused since i already have it installed). so i waited, waited, and nothing happened. i tried opening windows mobile device center, but it's stuck at connecting. last time i reinstalled system, i did all the same and i could connect my phone without any problem. do you have any suggestions for me?
  13. could you suggest me a program that has an option for scheduling profiles?
  14. is there any way to make touch player properly show multiline subtitles in fullscreen?
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