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  1. Fixed it! Turns out Handcent gives you the option to select music as various tones (alarm, rings, etc). For some reason it decided that it was going to be difficult and not work for just the clock app. Reinstalling handcent didn't fix it, so I got Ring Extender. Loaded up clock ... lo and behold I was given 3 options: Default tones, Handcent's ringtone picker and Ring Extender. Uninstaled ring extender and handcent's one is working fine again. Weird!
  2. Hi guys, I've been using the Modaco rom for my Desire for over a year now, but suddenly I've lost the ability to set an MP3 as my alarm tone. Previously when setting an alarm I would be given the option to choose stock tones or music. Today I'm only able to access the stock tones bit, with no option of music. There's no defaults set for the Clock application either :( I update a few things from the market recently, most of my normal apps and what not. I've read somewhere about people updating the music player app, but that never shows up on my market updates? Anyone have any ideas? Using Ringdroid currently, but that's a pain in the backside. Don't particularly want to put the songs in separate alarms/ringtones folders on the SD card either, as that's just doubling up.
  3. Search is your friend. This has come up many many many times. Are you using any app that will restrict your network access? I know there's a few out there that will rename your APN's depending on what the setup is. Useful for people like me who have 250mb of data to use and have to keep a usage tracker running!
  4. I believe it's due to the fact that previously they were only updated with new roms. Now they're on the market, but as I understand it they aren't able to be updated via the market, only via flashing an updated rom. I could be entirely wrong though!
  5. I think I may have to do this. I currently use Kaloer as my clock, which comes with an alarm so I should be right for that. Would use the default clock if only you could change the colour. I don't like having the screen facing outwards because if something hits my pocket then it will hit the casing/battery area. Plus, even taking it out of my pocket I have a habit of gripping it by the bottom of the device and spinning it so it's the right way up, which occasionally unlocks it. Unfortunately I tried that yesterday, got a permissions error when trying to delete the file ;) Thanks for your responses, much appreciated! :huh: -edit Just figured out how to remove the htclockscreen.apk file, turns out I dislike the default unlock screen even more than the HTC one! May need to try WidgetLocker >_<
  6. I've had a look at a few apps available, but most of them just plain don't work with my phone. I'm trying to get a horizontal slide to unlock, preferably like this: Does anyone know how I could change it to something like that? I'm getting really sick of the slide down to unlock as I quite often pull my phone out of my pocket to find it unlocked and dialling some random number, or in a game or some such. I've tried using the unlock pattern, but it's a massive pain in the ass having to unlock twice as I'm quite often locking and unlocking the phone a lot in a short period of time (eg - Unlocking as I walk away from my desk to put music on, locking to put back in my pocket, unlocking when someone starts bugging me, locking again, etc). Apologies if this has already been answered >_<
  7. For me (clockwork recovery) Factory Reset = wipe. Also for Titanium Backup you only get the donate version if you're a MoDaCo Plus member. We're just on Ad Free :D
  8. I'm in Australia ... I can download at a max of 500kb/s. I hate you all :D' Damn our backwards internet!
  9. I usually do two backups just to be absolutely sure. One Nandroid and one Titanium Backup. If it's not in the list then just download it from the Market Place. The icon you're looking for is a bright yellow starburst with a big "Ti" in the middle. When you open it up it will possibly give you a warning about not having USB debugging ticked. After that it MAY give you the warning that you don't have busybox installed. If you don't then press "Problems", then "Yes, do it" and it will download Busybox for you. Once that's done go into Backup/Restore, menu -> Batch Usually I select the "Backup all user apps + system data" batch. Pressing RUN to the left of one of those options will take you to a page which lets you select which apps you want to back up. Hit "Run the batch operation" and it will back everything up for you. Once that's done if you need to restore it's basically the same thing but you scroll down a bit on the "Backup/Restore" tab until you see "Restore missing apps + all system data". The last restore I did I only restored my custom apps and their data, then restored the system data only for the rest as I didn't want to overwrite any system apps with possibly older/corrupt ones from my previous install. I'm not sure if it's a bad idea to overwrite the system app data with backup data, but so far it hasn't had any issues.
  10. If anyone else was having the battery issue (reporting full when it wasn't, etc) I was still having this issue last night. Backed up all my user data/apps then did a full wipe and reflashed with the same version of r8 that I had on before. Seems to have fixed it so far.
  11. Battery issue still happening. Plugged in at 91%, unplugged near straight away and it was reporting 100%. I'm thinking this could be due to being mounted as a disk drive
  12. I just tried this and it seems to have fixed it. Once it hits about 95% turn it off and unplug the USB cable Take the battery out for a few seconds (10+) Put the battery back in Still off, plug the USB cable back in Leave it till the LED goes green Did that to mine about an hour and a half ago and it's sitting stable at 100% while on charge, unplugging it's still sitting at 100% :D
  13. Upgraded from r6 to r7 then today to r8. Works like a charm! Thanks Paul :D One issue I'm seeing at the moment is when I leave it charging I unplug the phone and it's saying battery is around 95%. The green LED is on so it's saying it's fully charged? I've wiped the battery info a few times and it happens with both r7 and r8. -e Just read somewhere that apparently Lithium-ion batteries drop to 95% once fully charged and that apparently it's normal.
  14. I baked an r7 version last night adding AdFree in and removing WaveSecure, both were as they should be. Worked fine here... Have you tried backing another copy just to make sure you didn't accidentally check the boxes?
  15. Cheers for the heads up :) Left it for a bit and it sorted itself out. Wish I read your advice before wiping though :D Restore time!
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