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  1. Now that the white Blade's in the market, has anyone sourced any white battery covers? Would dearly love to turn my Oled Blade two-tone. Wouldn't you? Will :)
  2. That's annoying huh? Have you a stock Orange ROM on your San Fran, or a MoDaCo one? And does that even make a difference? Questions!! Will :)
  3. I've just ordered a couple of the £10 a month rolling Tesco SIM's. So will the APN be of the pre-pay or contract kind. Cheers, Will.
  4. Maybe the answer is in here, have a looksy: http://tinyurl.com/38qtm3m Will.
  5. I'm not taking the pi$$, but you have had the phone activated by Orange, yeah? Mine didn't work until I phoned them and waited until I got an sms saying all was well y'see. Will.
  6. Whoah geezer! Don't sugar-coat it like that, tell him how you really feel :) Will.
  7. Right at the bottom of the page it said in small type: *Why not head on over to MoDaCo.com and pick up 04/Oct r3: Superboot Root + MCRi, and make the most of your new purchase. Will :)
  8. Please do Paul, and put a paragraph in the welcome pm in LARGE font, telling how to use the search facility :) Will.
  9. Read all this with interest. A tutorial with 'noobs' or 'nervous' peeps in mind would be nice. Having said that though, I really like my MoDaCo guy! :) (Thanks P ;) ) Will.
  10. When my San Fran/Blade was stock it worked. Now i've put R3 on, it works. So it's either a bug of R2 or it's a fault with your phone :) Will.
  11. Interesting. See down the bottom of the phone, is there some extra space there? Ya know when ya mam bought your school shoes with a bit extra in the toes, "to grow into"! Because it looks like you could pinch a bit :) Will.
  12. Just looked at the fleeting video. Can someone tell me what I just witnessed :) Will.
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