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  1. Popple3

    Google I/O 2013 - rumours and your want list?

    I'm hoping a return of Android @ Home is on the cards. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the possibility of Key Lime Pie, Babel, and Google TV improvements (and hopefully an appearance in AOSP. CM11 on an ODROID-U2 running a new Google TV UI? Yes please.
  2. Popple3

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    My random fact is that I'm currently typing up my thesis in software development which I wrote an Android app for. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung butchered ICS on it with TouchWiz, but thankfully CM9 nightlies make it so much better. Also, I've been wanting a RaspberryPi since I first knew of it, and still so badly want one. I can't afford one though, despite how cheap they are. :(
  3. Popple3

    Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Is Hitting The SGSII!

    @Pondlife: I think it's an update to Gingerbread. I think it already ran Gingerbread, and this is the enhancement pack for those sour over not getting ICS, like the original Galaxy S.
  4. Would love to see this. Ran the CM9 alpha for a while, the stock ICS ROM apps are awesome.
  5. Popple3

    New style Market APK downloads

    Oh, awesome! Thanks tonyyeb :)
  6. Popple3

    New style Market APK downloads

    Maybe. People were reporting the same problem with CM as well, but without the rebooting after rolling back. Others reported success. I'm just gonna wait until it gets pushed to my phone or gets included in the next version of Oxygen anyway.
  7. Popple3

    New style Market APK downloads

    Won't install on my S-Off'd Desire running Oxygen. I tried manually pushing the apk (from XDA) in recovery mode, and flashing an update.zip and both failed miserably, kept FC-ing. Rolling back to old market made it even worse - it kept rebooting itself So just a word of warning to anyone attempting installing this: Do a nandroid backup first. I didn't (stupid, I know), and it was a lot of hassle to get everything back up and running :)
  8. Popple3

    Nexus S UK Pricing - £549 SIM free!

    Woah! No thanks O_O
  9. Popple3

    Are you planning to buy a Nexus S?

    I'm a little bit disappointed overall, with both the Nexus S and Gingerbread. The Nexus S doesn't seem to be anything special compared to what's already out there on the market. Living in Ireland, I'm positive that NFC won't be of any use to me, and then after that, there's nothing about it that makes me wanna buy it.
  10. Popple3

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    Actually, I just realized it's a higher DPI than my MacBook
  11. Popple3

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    I'm interested in getting the Archos 70, but I'm a bit concerned about the DPI. 800x480 seems too low for a 7" screen to me, especially considering my Desire has the same res on a 3.7" screen. Would anyone who has used one recommend it?
  12. Awesome! I think I'll be going for one of these over the Archos 101 now. Hopefully they'll stock it over here in Ireland too
  13. Popple3


    Sadly, no Mac client :)
  14. Popple3

    Samsung to release 7" Tablet 2nd September

    Good point klutsh. I kinda hope not though, I'd feel like I'm missing out on some features (coz there's no way I'd use that as a phone) I'm weird, I know :huh:
  15. Popple3

    Samsung to release 7" Tablet 2nd September

    Might look into getting one depending on the price and hackability :huh: Not into TouchWiz, so a custom ROM may be needed for me EDIT: Actually, have Google changed their policy on Google Apps on non-phone devices yet? Might be the one thing I'll have to wait until root for

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