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  1. Hi Erikcas, I'm wondering if the development/enthusiasm has somewhat been decreasing for the i8000 / B7610? Maybe i've read some bad userposts or misinterpreting things. Can U confirm? Ofcourse i'm not saying that it is, we all love the developers efforts, time and love for the project and hope you all still do. Cheers, Alchedin
  2. With the high performance setting or without it?:unsure: without + takes away the problem, nice job. Also would like to add the bootlogo appears Ok, and the boottime is like lightning fast. Maybe it's because of my new high performance SD card but I didn't notice it in earlier try's. Did you change something else?
  3. Oh well, nothing wrong with trying new things. So you're gonna release the zimage later this day or does it take some more time? How's your colleague doing so far with the wifi by the way? Did high performance setting myself just by chance and it worked. Good to read I'm not the only one with uncommon initiatives :lol: But I'd let it go to sleep and it sadly went into SOD again. I thought this was fixed already or not? (don't know exactly anymore)
  4. Same here mate <_< The install went ok, rebooted normally. Back in Windows and started haret, but loading like forever... Maybe something to do with the bootlogo? Remove it till it's out of Beta, liked the text more anyways, seemed more geeky in my opinion :o I will try Ubuntu install/copy again later today.
  5. I was wondering about that also. So Erikcas, you had your time with your daughter, now it's time to give us some attention :lol: Just kidding of course. Keep up the good work.
  6. That would be blast and take care of that daughter, you'll only see them grow up once ;)
  7. Good, guess we are both lucky having a running android with no functionality. :rolleyes: Guess we have to wait for our "busy bee" Erikcas. @ Erikcas, you have an idea?
  8. Uhm, So you've downloaded CM Beta 2, and used the EXT4 from CM Beta 1? I think you mixed up the versions this way?:lol:Because now you are using the beta 1 install. Maybe you can verify it in settings -> about rom -> ROM. Mine said "SpicagenMod Beta 2" Because both Beta's have a ext4.tar.gz file in it (+ installer and zimage). I've installed using only the Beta 2 install + ext4.tar.gz Cheers, Alchedin
  9. And this is with CyanogenMod Beta 2 or the previous version aka CyanogenMod Beta 1? What did you do to get the phone working? Did it ask for a pin? Cheers, Alchedin
  10. Hi Erikcas, According what you said, I copied the modem.bin from CM beta 1 SD dir to the CM beta 2 SD dir, also put the init.rc and loadmod from CM beta 1 root to the root of CM beta 2 but sadly no connection. Booted into Android but no change :angry: Any more good idea's? Normally it should ask for a phone pin but this doesn't happen. Cheers, Alchedin
  11. Will try, but I had a SOD earlier which now prevents me from booting into Android at this moment. FM radio i will maybe test but it's not something that interest me. Copy from current you mean beta 1? I will test it tonight also, now I need to get back to work <_< by the way, the auto installer version posted on the dev's site works just fine on the B7610.
  12. Just booted back into WinMo, my battery this morning was around 95%, after install and several (5) reboots (android) it's now (in WinMo) at 69%. So guess there isn't any progress on that part.
  13. Well now, i just tested CM Beta 2 with latest o2 patch (Rev 98), seems to working quite well, keyboard and rotation both work! I have a rather old class 4 SD so I can't say anything about speed, nonetheless it's graphics are somewhat the same speed of CM beta 1 Only big problem is I don't have connection.
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