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  1. That is not quite right Paul, if it were 15 point per AP I'd be very rich (and you'd be a lot richer, i notice by the way you have 200,000 points, hmm thats $200, lucky you) WiFi AP discovered by you: 3 Points Cell Tower discovered by you: 15 Points Wifi already mapped: 1 Point Cell tower already mapped: 2 Points They've have messed it up on their own website, bafoons, but if you got into the rewards section you'll see it there in the correct format. Also, I'm a tad peeved by this because I bought it yesterday, I'm gonna ask for my money back, had I known they would change it so that you only got 1 or 2 points for already discovered places I'd not have bought it. Anyhoo, it was to open to problems/abuse you could very easlily see where there were very dense populations of AP by looking at the maps on Navizon, then you could go there and collect easy points and again if you had another sim, perhaps we were being too clever and open on Modaco and they saw some flaws.
  2. You want one, I can probably get one in 48 hours if you want, up to you Paul?
  3. An even better thing to do is to put a foreign sim in, these sim cards will pick up all the the Cell Towers, so it'll be like having an O2, Vodafone, Orange card etc all in one, am I right? (I have an Italian sim from my wife)
  4. Paul, Excuse me for being a chump, but I have Google mail working with my pocket outlook, i.e. the messages application in WM6. It's POP and gets me my gmail messages no problem. Why or what would I need to rejoice about IMAP. Please reply kindly, I am not tech savy. I didn't like the Gmail app because I can do all i want in Messages.
  5. look at my post about skype 2.1, i added the bass fix files in an attachment, otherwise visit xda developers and look in the forums and then go to the trinity forum and search for bass fix, you find it easy, promise.
  6. Here is Skype 2.1 and the bass fix (three cab files) . For Sype, unzip and run the .exe from your PC ( i think). As for the bass fix, unzip and you'll see three cab files. Transfer them ALL to your phone. Then, on your phone, find em then install/run/open them, BUT in the correct order otherwise you'll have a white screen horror. HTC Certs first, then SdkCerts then do a soft reset. Then install HTC WaveDev. The HTC WaveDev is the LAST file to install!! Good luck (hope I have broken any rules) Steve SkypeForPocketPC2_1.zip Base_Fix.zip
  7. I'm with you all the way on this, I have 12 extra programs on my M700. While your at it, could you do one for my PC please, with a 102 applications, it's a little hard to track the updates. ;) My only comment would be that the "Apptodate" (clever, by the way) would obviously be having conversations with other apps, and the web, therefore, potential slowing of device speed and excessive data charges/gprs switching on and off etc. The amount of time windows and other updater's talk to the tinternet can be a hell of a pain in the proverbial.. Anyone with "AnyDVD" or even "Mmetrics" knows what I mean. Pugs
  8. I've had an upgraded WM6 for the trinity for over 2 months now. V impressed. Although it wasn't really needed, i did it for fun. Anyway, all works great. Battery life will not be as good, especially if you surf using 3G. There is a problem with these roms that once you've surfed, you need to go to comms manager and hit the phone icon to switch it off and then on again. If you don't the battery will drain quicker, like a lot quicker. TomTom 6.03 is what you need (updated version for the M700/Trinity). Be careful, some WM6 roms will reset your device code which means you'll have to persuade tomtom to let you use the "new device" (some guys were told by tomtom, sorry, breach of terms, ta ta). Muns rom didn't do that, so I'd didn't have that problem. However, I did have tomtom freeze every now and then, which happens with most other roms as well, and with other phones running tomtom 6. Download and install this cab to fix the problem "ATIFix.cab". Not attached, just google it, you'll find it. Pugs
  9. try xda developers, i got mine from there. Look for the forum for the Trinity and then search the forum for phonepad. That should do the trick.
  10. Hi James, All i can confirm is that skype worked. I used it solidly in Thailand in the hotel with no problems whatsoever. However, it ONLY works the phones main speaker. You cannot do it over headphones. Thats why skype pulled the plug on supporting the M700 i think. To be honest it's not so loud that the people in the lobby hear your call. It worked just like normal really, i.e using the phone to your ear. I was very pleased and still use it today, even at home when I can't be bothered to head to the computer. Quality of line was usually great, but say 1 in 15 calls would need a re-dial because of the line quality. Good luck Steve
  11. HI, could you tell me where you got your screen from, my daughter sunk her teeth into mine
  12. OK, for all of you that want an opinion, I did it on the weekend, I put WM6 on my Trinity. ALL my previous applications that I had with WM5 work, like Worms, Age Of Empire, Fizz Traveller, Audible, SPB Diary/Plus, Cameraware, TOMTOM etc etc. Haven't put SKYPE yet, but will shortly. I used this WM6 ROM version click here Do exactly what is says on the first post and most ignore the first 30 pages of posts since they all talk about bits and bobs from previous versions of the ROM. The new one sorted all the little bugs. Anyway, it took me 1 hour and no hickups. I firstly ran the phone unlocker/supercid update just in case, added bit of security click here, then I just download the three pieces of software, ran the ROMUpdate.exe of each one in turn and then hey presto, you'll have a stable working WM6. On one of the ROMUpdate.exe programmes I had a stuck bootloader screen on the phone and an error code on my PC, just relaunch the ROMUpdate.exe even though activesync is not green and the bootloader screen is still on your phone. I did it because I could and not for any additional programmes or anything, there is really not that much difference to be honest. If you have any questions (not too technical) I be happy to help. If it all goes pear shaped (unlikely though) please DO NOT hold me responsible. Pugs
  13. I get ERROR 202 and it hangs on the bootloader screen. I was using modoacosplash1 (the first of the downloads you posted).
  14. Damn damn damn and double damn, i just spend 60 squids with tom tom for Navigator 6. If i'd waited I could have got it free courtesy of HTC. You don't get much for free these days but giving you a great tomtom N6 package is very welcome, cheers to HTC (and of course MoDaCo). ALL M700 owners should grab this offer by the xxls for a free TomTom N6 whilst you can!.
  15. OK, in tomtom, goto Preferences, then go to SHow GPS. Then press configure. Select the "Other NMEA GPS reciever" set baud rate as "4800" and then "GPS in COM9". That should do it. It will take upto 3-5 minutes for the GPS to find itself especially if you are not outdoors Pugs
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