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  1. Could You explain to me how I solve my problem with installation froyo flb or cm6.1 on my t-mobile pulse.

    I heave a problem when i install MOD

    Writing BOOT:...

    E;Error finishing the BOOT:

    E:Failure error in line 403:

    write_raw_image PACKAGE:BOOT.IMAGE


    Installation aborted.

    I replace boot.img with oscillation R7 rom and install cm6...

  2. It's simply because i don't have the phone, and time enough to create a new treath and answer every single question that will be asked in the new treath, even so i don't have time enough to write the description. And once agan i don't have Pulse in my hands anymore. I'm sory if I'm making a mess here in your threat. Have a nice day!
  3. This is my last rebuild of my last 2.1 eclair custom rom! Pulse_Eclair-2.1-stable.zip
  4. First of all I'm sorry that i get off topic! Hey I just rebuild my last eclair custom rom. I don't have the chance to test it, because I don't have the phone anymore. Also if you want to I can pull the system files from my desire s. If this could help you to inject the sense UI into the cm7 rom for pulse. Any way! It's so nice to see that you continue to work on pulse. :) Just write me back anything you need. And here is the link of the rom:
  5. Hey I just rebuild my last eclair custom rom. I don't have the chance to test it, because I don't have the phone anymore. Also if you want to I can pull the system files from my desire s. If this could help you to inject the sense UI into the cm7 rom for pulse. Any way! It's so nice to see that you continue to work on pulse. :) Just write me back anything you need. And here is the link of the rom: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11400844/2.1 costum rom/Pulse_Eclair-2.1-stable.zip

  6. Just cane back to the Pulse forum to check how my pulse owners palls are doing. It's verry nice the fellung to see that the pulse legend is still alive. I can confirm that even so the desire s have a aluminium body, and gorila glass with 16M colors slcd multitouch up to 4 fingers display. compares tge price between this phone and Pulse. Pulse is the wunner regarding to build quallity. I loved my Pulse even so i had so sold it to getter enough money to buy the htc desire s. but regarding to speed, stability, and battery live, desire s littery eats up pulse. But i must commit tha Pulse was and still is a live legend. Twork just continue your good work.
  7. In the paste year I've learn one thing. We can modify the Android rom to fit our needs. Change the look (themes). Also add swap and ext2 support, or something like that! Maybe a little overclocing the CPU?! Busting the memory buffers. But we can not make it working much better than the original. I gave up from pulse because of the hardware. I loved my pulse, but my everyday needs are looking for something more better and more stable. To all of you guys: Use your Pulse as phone. Do not bother so much to make a super computer from Pulse. If you want a super computer in you pocket, then simply buy some pocket super computer. Pulse can never be a pocket super computer. It's made for normal everyday users, and normal everyday usage.
  8. The problem in any custom rom, other then the stock 2011 is the kernel it self. When you type adb logcat, and press the lock button, you should immediately get no debug log in logcat! That's meaning that the processor is working almost nothing. And no other devices, like GPS, camera, network, or any other battery draining device is working. If you get any debug log, then your battery is draining. I've been using this rom for month and so. And When I was going to bad, and sleeping for 8h the battery was drained only 05 or even less. That's the point. Because the idle state (sleeping) is really idle state. No significant battery draining. So that's why you will get your battery less longer. And that is not the same in any of yours (Tworck), or or other (Toms - Antonio) Custom roms as it is in this rom! From cm6 to cm7. And even the flbmod 1.7 When you do the same with adb logcat and press the lock button. You will get debug logs all the time, until you unlock the phone, and continue getting debug log in the logcat. Because the idle state (sleeping) isn't really idle state. And not only the kernel, but the android it self. In froyo+ all we was activating jit to get our phone working faster. Also a lot of services wore working and occupying the processor for nothing - draining the battery. In 2.1 uk 2011 things doesn't work that way. The unneeded services are killed by the os it self when the os need more memory. Also you can't see how much your battery will lass when you are fully using the phone. Especially when you are using the WI-FI, GPS, or the Compass. How much of you have waked up in the morning and wake awed! Where's my battery went when I did not even touched the phone all night. It was locked all the time! That's the point! All apps, except the emotion ui widgets from u8500 are the original apps from the original 2.1 UK 2001 UPDATA.APP I simply took some bin and lib files from flbmod 1.7 and put them in this rom for ext2 support, and also I integrate the flashlite and flashlitePlugin in the rom. Pullout the lib files from the apps and put them in /system/lib/ Any external device, like: Camera, GPS, Comass, Network, WI-FI, are draining a lot the battery. And any phone is the same when we are talking about the overusing the phone. The point is the processor. Some processor are more energy efficiency, and some not! Also, Samsung for example are using weaker transmitter network to save the battery. Also they use SUPER AMOLED Screen which use much small amount of power energy from the battery. ;) Stop blaming me please! Super Man is only a movie star!
  9. First thing you have to do before flashing this rom is nandroid bacup. Second is to format the DATA partition, or full wipe-fa.tory feset. And then install zip from sdcard. Tworck will you please add the FORMAT data line in the update-script right before the copy_dir DATA: line. so the update-script will format the data partition it self. Please. Thats the reason why CostumApkHidden.apk gets error. Also if you have to much apps installed in the previews rom, i can guess CM6 or 7, you will get error to. Its because of overloading the data partigion with the dalvik-cache of the apps. Better solution is to format the sd-ext to, before instaling this rom. And after the phone boots apply: a2sd cachesd in the terminal. and then install the apps again. You can use the titanium backup app to backup the installed apps before fornating the ext partition. I hope that this is enough help for you guys.
  10. The link is working now! I upload the rom in dropbox. And this time Tested and working! Best Regards TOTI
  11. It was working just perfect on my phone! I just contact the one to whom I sold my pulse. And I ask him to let me pull out a clockworkmod backup from his phone! Tomorrow I'll give it to Tworck. And from that moment I'm leaving this Pulse forum! I wish you the best! Take good care of your Pulse and don't let your self to make the same mistake that I made, and sell your pulse! ;)
  12. Unzip placeholder.zip and put the placeholder file into /system/sd/ in the rom zip In the mirrors This file will be included ! Upcoming mirrors: Hotfile Rapidshare Drpobox placeholder.zip
  13. Uploading file on hotfile.com and dropbox.com I'll paste the links on first post when it's done! Also I don't know why you can't donwload from megaupload.com ? It is fully working for me!
  14. You simply can not believe how much i miss my Pulse now! And I can't wait for Friday to come! I can't decide between HTC Desire S, and HTC Desire HD now. Samsung Galaxy S is out of competition now! Please send me suggestions on pvt! Help me to decide what's better Smartphone! I have to apologize to you, that I bother you with my decision which phone to buy!
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