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  1. hi there, will you be able to unlock the EE Kestrel (Ascend G6 clone for EE)?
  2. Here is my cut (after 2 yrs of Blade ownership and extensive professional & personal usage): - Best ROM you can get today is the latest CM7 version. Reasons for not choosing another: - Swedish Snow and other 2.3.x ROMS are fabulous but devs moved over to ICS/JB, the only reliable and up2date 2.3.x stream is CM7 - ICS/JB have and will have for some time the following drawbacks on the Blade: ---------- Obvious immaturity (they will get better in time, no doubt) ---------- Are heavier on resources than 2.3.x. The user experience is/will be less than pleasing :( ---------- Our Blades are already exploited to the max of their ageing CPU, let's be realistic things will not get spectacularly better If you want to have a pleasing and robust experience - rock stable for the following: phone calls, light internet browsing, social media, stellar GPS navigation, excellent mp3 playback... ... then go with the CM7: BEST OPTION, FULL STOP ! Don't get me wrong: I love JB 4.2.1, but for that I use my Galaxy Nexus, 4.2.1 is built around this kind of hardware spec, every down port is poised for troubles. All my respect for the devs stretching the limits of this adorable machine (I remeber the days of 2.1 ONLY Roms for the Blades, sad days...)
  3. Hi, a hopeless geek myself... can't forget the times when I needed an external antenna for my GPS. Once managed to spin round in circles for 30 min waiting for a gps lock and finally realising that I forgot to connect the antenna ;)
  4. Funnily enough, we have the same gear (started with the good ol' Blade, moved over to O2X and now Galaxy Nexus). I kept them all though and have a use for each and every one. O2X is stil my favorite for music (super hardware from Wolfson) and hdmi output. I use it at home for multimedia. Blade is my main driver (oh yeah) for corporate email and GPS (small and faaaast) GNexus is for everything else personal (mainly social media and browsing). Take care,
  5. It's been a while now since I haven t touched my O2X... Im now fully focused on my Galaxy Nexus. This is not to say SGN is a perfect phone, far from that. Call it pure Google experience but when your phone gets corrupted beyond repair with no reason and you have to flash it all together (happened twice in a month), I wonder...The most stable phone to date for me is the Blade, never-ever failed on me. Kudos to Qualcomm and their rocks solid platform, that's my guess.Still waiting for THAT ics built to make my O2X lovable again. Peace!
  6. Titanium FCs on my Gen2 TFT Blade with your release 8... systematically... anything I can or should do to prevent this from happening. Otherwise everything seems to be butter smooth, great job!
  7. Now guys, I FINALLY FOUND the ROM that does it all for me and this is:... CM7...well not excatly, it's the latest Kang: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1421425 The last official CM7 (verrrry outdated now) still has the FD issues but go for the latest kang and it all just works :) Butter smooth, roaring nicely now. I've been soooo frustrated with this phone for the last 6 mths (going through all the lousy v20x betas, Paul's improved iterations and stocks) that I almost can't belive I can finally use the O2X as my main, stable and fabulous device !!! I will only flash again when a solid ICS will become available, and my ZTE Blade can take a good long nap now (after he loyaly served me for 1 year without a single issue) PS: my power button starts playing tricks on me, hope it will not go south all together...
  8. Just think about the possibilities: - LG released the GB V20L source code - Google released the ICS source code We'll all be hard at work... race you Paul ;) !!!
  9. Now that's fabulous news !!! Finally something good from LG (v20L and the source code).... What else can we ask... ICS by yr end ????
  10. Sure does (sound good)! Paul-man you're holding this small community together... looking forward to the updates ;) I'm regularly to the UK, one o fthese days we should get together with the UK users and other pillars of the cummunity and have a decent drink...
  11. @Paul: Smokin' hot man... bake a decent ROM out of it !!!! Does it lool like this is getting closer to the offcial version?
  12. Have been going back and forth today between v20i Paul's and Topogigi's ROMs, no stability problems at all... and guess what, Paul is expecting the delivery of v20j tomorrow ;)
  13. Wow, great news, are they counting on you to do the final sign-off before the RTM delivery ;)
  14. A quick check with you folks. Please post your experience: benchmarks results, ideas, issues (if any ;) - My cut: ----- Both v20e and v20i leaked versions are rock solid/stable in their stock incarnations ----- v20e is stable for me only in the stock form, custom variants inducing instability (topogigi's and others). Speed acceptable/good ----- v20i in Gr3: stable/fast. Fantastic GPS sat-lock speed. Small quirks that Paul will iron out shortly no doubt about it ----- Topogigi's v20i in the 1.9 form: currently under test (NeoBlaze kernel). First 10 hours didn't reveal any stability issues... dying to see how the GPS is behaving (issues with previous versions). Speed=amazing My ZTE Blade is sleeping in the drawer... ready to snap out at the smallest issue with the O2x (amazing piece of HW/SW this budget phone for sure). What is your mileage with the O2X V20e/i ROMs ?
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