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  1. I know how to fake it But what settings should I enter for an HTC Desire HD, CyanogenMOD 7.0.3 OS using a Grey Simcard?
  2. Until now I couldn't get the MMS to work, is there any solution for that?
  3. I went to market before and after applying the patch I cleared the cache using recovery still I get only the free applications and just in options
  4. Can I buy iPhone 4, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy X i9000, Blackberry 9700 factory unlocked from outside Japan and use it in Japan? I mean using it on their local operators since I'll be living there Thank You
  5. I'm using the latest version of Paul's ROM When I click on the Market Place Patch for firmware it would just restart the phone, and when I check the market still I can see only the premium Apps Any idea?
  6. I've just had my new Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Directly I flashed it and installed the latest version of Paul's ROM Everything is working correctly except that when I try to install Asphalt5 or other big applications, it gives me Out of Space while I'm sure that I have a lot Any ideas?
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