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  1. I found a version you could try I don't know where I got it so can't vouch for it http://www.4shared.com/file/eB-c_xOOba/RootG300.html
  2. Thnx d, will review. Managed root (I think ... the process did not run smoothly) as I was out of space and wanted Link2SD. Loadsa space now but not succeeding in uninstalling crapware.
  3. You're right ... Ffx, Chrome, with (I thought) adblocking removed, Avant half downloaded. JDownloader reported Offline but subsequently delivered. Tried Avant again just now which through up a big full window ad (didn't before) ... then downloaded. Tried Ffx again and worked ok ... don't think I refreshed after switching off ads. Cheers. I should know better than to panic.
  4. The download for RootG300.exe is creating a 1024 byte file http://www.mediafire...i1/RootG300.exe Can anyone provide an alternate please ? TIA
  5. jbhq

    TVCatchup app now available for Android

    Does the app have any advantages over web site ?
  6. (realise that Virgin use T-Mobile - may be confusing me) can't pick up voicemails (4400...11026? T-Mobile?) - number barred tried changing voicemail number to my own (phone off) [url=http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile-pulse-pulse-modaco-com/300811/voicemail-number/] but this is overridden to original 11026 on bootup Can't change Voicemail "My Carrier" button Tried using SmartSim (properly seated) - same results Tried T-Mobile AND Virgin APN setups - no difference Network states Tmobile.uk whatever I change can pickup voicemails ok with sim in my old phone Ebay phone (no T-Mobile sim) on v2.1 can anybody point me forward? :huh:

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