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  1. hey :D i have 2 huge problems i have an 8gb sdhc class4 card and created following patitions: Partition 1 with 5gb primary fat32; Partition 2 with about 2gb primary ext3; Partition 3 with about 300mb primary linux swap. and now my problems. my winmo can't see the new 5gb. it want to format it. and also when i delete all partitions and make an 8gb primary fat32 partition it doesn't want see/accept my sd card. all my 3 computers see each kind of partition which i made. and android starts without any problems.....i don't get it?!? maybe a driver in winmo is lost?? but it sees my old 4gb sdhc class 4 and works perfectly with it... second problem is that when i start android and plug in the usb-cable everything stucks and after a softreset nothing works anymore. everything i want to open says "need to force stop". does someone else have these problems? i really need your help .. one last question why there is no market? :D
  2. hey all :) i just want to know if there is a beta 3 of cyanogenmod in developing. good work guys thx ;)
  3. after flashing the sdcard and open androidinstall.exe from o2beta it says: "error: the location 4194 is outside of the device /dev/block/mmcblk0 creating ext4 and swap partitions. ext4 partition size: 1024 Mb warning: you requested a partition from 2809mb to 3833mb. the closest location we can manage is 3973mb to 3973mb. is this still acceptable to you? Yes/No?" what's the problem? pleas help me..
  4. hey thanks for your help :) but I've already use the search function but didn't find the instruction to how to install it on my sd card...(there are just guides for how to do this on my storage) and i've already saw thet video but there is just shown the instalation on "my storage"..... or can I use the the same instruction for my sdcard?
  5. hey :D i'm sorry about this stupid question but I want to install CyanogenMod beta 2 to my 4gb micro sdhc (class 4) and I can't find any instructions or guides..(just something in spain but it doesn't work for me ... if i start the autoinstall.exe it stops and says: error: ....... do you want to continue? YES/NO? but I can't type enything because i don't have a keyboard....) I'm sorry...my english language is not the best ...^^' could someone post an instruction or somekind like this, please? :)
  6. ... ok i'm sorry . i didn't know thet there is a instruktion link in your faq.. :) buuut now i've read his guide and i follow them and a i have a problem now. at ubuntu (gparted) i can't choose/mark primary... it's still logical what am i doing wrong?
  7. can somebody post a instruction link, or a guide, for installing beta3 on internal storage .. i didn't installed any version of android yet. this is the first one i would like to install. so pls. help me :) thhxx ;)
  8. what do you mean... do i have to make a partition on my internal storage? ps: i don't use a sd card
  9. after i started the androidinstall.exe and a few lines later ist says "swap partetion size:128Mb End?" now it is about 10minutes like this what i have to do now thx :)
  10. thx for the quick anwere ;) but i want to install it on my internal storage and not on the sd card
  11. peace guys^^ i have a question .. do i have to make a partition on mystorage for the new froyo beta 3 version or can i just use the automatic installer ? thhxx!! ;)
  12. sorry for my speech...-.- i think you didn't understand my problem. my problem is thet i see two 'my storsges' at windows mobile. and at androd there is just one storage ...which is not the right. but thx for your help :P
  13. i forgot to ask you something else.. if i put the file o2b3update.tar.gz into my storage and start android there is nothig hepens. all problems are still the and after reboot the file is sill there, too. should it is becouse of my problem in the first post? thx sorry for my bad english.. i'm german :P
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