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  1. This thread was once very active but I think everyone has lost interest in this thread and is going to die... Hahahah
  2. Hi all, Can anybody point to me a good phone with the following specifications. 1) screen 5.7 to 6 inches 2) Dual sim (must) 3) dedicated sd card slot (must) (no hybrid card slot) 4) at least full hd 5) 4 G capable. I shall be thankful.
  3. Thanks dalyer for your reply. I will go through these threads. Will come back if any problem.
  4. Hi dakok. I bought Coolpad F1 plus for my sister and it reached today. I want to root it to remove the bloatware. Can you please help me how to root it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Can anyone point to me the best and cheapest (less than 120 dollars) phone having 5 inch screen? I shall be thankful.
  6. Thanks buddy for the feedback. I will buy the phone. It looks promising.
  7. Anyone has bought Lenovo K3 note? Can anyone tell something about this phone. I want to buy one for my relative. Thanks.
  8. The Chinese sellers are usually sending by Chinapost or Singapore post as free. Off course it's not free but cheaper for them. It takes from 25 to 45 days to reach the destination.
  9. Xiaomi is supposed to be the best Chinese company. Their products are very good and relatively cheaper. Many people buy their products due to their own MIUI roms. Right now I am using Huawei Ascend Mate 7 golden version. It's the best phone I ever had.
  10. For me the minimum is 5.7 to 6 inches.
  11. @dakok, @tilaz, @maringer and many others to note this new thread.
  12. Very good decision. Please change the "off topic" prefix also.
  13. Why you are after kingzone when dakok has given you excellent choices. I think jiayu should be better than kingzone.
  14. Sorry to say that what you heard is wrong about hit and miss. Many major brands Chinese phone are much better than the known world brands. Don't count only those people who are having some problems with there phones. As many of the problems they face are due to their playing with their phone and during those experimentation they break the software or hardware. You go to any forum belonging to the known brands, you will find that they have more problems. If you buy from the well-known brands, the chances are that you will get the best phone. Some of the best brands are Huawei, lenovo, Xiaomi, one plus one, ZTE, Coolpad, Jiayu etc. Less know but still good are Zopo, elephone, inew, doogee etc. Right now I am using Huawei ascend mate 7 gold. I think this is the best phone, I have seen with a wonderful battery. My other phone was coolpad 9976A. It is also a great phone but too big for daily use. Do some research before buying according to your needs.
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