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  1. Have fun reporting me ;) Hope it feels good.. But it's a shame not to release sources.. you're blocking the whole community with your egoism.
  2. Sense is not open source because it's self written code. But you just customized existing code: AOKP. And yes, you are offending android's and / or AOKP's license.
  3. You have to release the sources because android is open source. Otherwise you are offending the android open source license..
  4. Yeah thats cool! I bet that there is the first release coming in the next 7 days.
  5. The Rock Player should play those files if I'm not wrong..
  6. KKteam

    external dvd

    I dont think that it works... on my vega it does not. It also doesnt read big external HDDs for some reasons..
  7. yeah it might be unworkable but the first steps are done then and many others (including me) would try to speed it up..
  8. Are there any news? I really would like to run honeycomb. I dont care about speed..
  9. Oh man that would be awesome! Please keep us up to date in this thread here.. I can't wait for customized apps any more.. Otherwise I'm going to buy the XOOM >.<
  10. Wow pretty cool but could you may add chroot to change / into linux distributions like debian on the vega?
  11. Hi guys. I dont know if someone noticed that but the download-link seems to be offline. Can you please replace it with that one: http://www.koushikdutta.com/2010/02/clockw...very-image.html Thanks, K
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