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  1. £9.90? That cant be right..or is it? Thats a joke of a price if true as its worth at least £60 used. Regards to your comments about keeping it as a backup, I have been thinking handing it over to someone else, but im certain it would be very very difficult for them to use. Most likely im going to get rid of it. The 6 months free internet will make up for the money im losing so its not so bad after all.
  2. I purchased the Pulse Mini well before i purchased the HTC. I liked it at the beginning, it was my first Android phone and i actually thought is was very good but i came to realize, it wasnt once i got my hands on the Wildfire. By the way, I apologize if i have disheartened any of you guys, That wasn't my intention
  3. I liked the phone too at one point but after using with the HTC wildfire for a week, its garbage. I was actually shocked at how bad the mini phone is. Its so hard to use, from the resistive screen to the overall sluggishness. Not for me im afraid. ...And yes, definitely getting rid of it, just hope i can get around 70 for it!
  4. A usable phone? I have a £20 3 phone (non touch screen), a phone that is 60 cheaper (not included tenner credit) which is miles better then the pulse mini. Faster, more responsive and damn easy to use compared to the woeful mini. The LG optimus GT540 is a budget phone and in the same price range as the pulse mini but it kicks the pulse mini's backside in all areas so i dont buy the "What do you expect for £90? "
  5. Its unusable, Sluggish, unresponsive and pure garbage! I gave this phone in for repair and was using my HTC Wildfire during that time, I have just got my Pulse mini back from the store and in comparison to the HTC, the pulse is appalling. The mini has a faster processor than the HTC but still, the wildfire absolutely mullers the mini in all areas I dont understand how anyone can use this phone, The screen is tiny, the keyboard is the worst ive ever come across .its a terrible phone. What a mistake i made in buying this phone, £90 down the bin
  6. Well well.. whats going on here? Finally a breakthrough for the Pulse Mini? I hope so!
  7. Thanks kallt_kaffe, Appreciated pcuk, Thats the one! I tried downloading the rom from Huwaei but it wouldn't work for me. I downloaded ROM from here, http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...-rom-downloads/ See post Number 8. Unrooted (Well i hope!) and sent the phone off for repair
  8. Thanks for the reply but could you explain it in laymans terms :huh: A step by step guide with links would be good Thanks
  9. Hi all, I need to unroot, Ive reset phone but it seems as though its still rooted as the superuser app is stil showing on the main menu How do i it? Thanks
  10. Lol... its amazing what a bit of practice can do. Thanks for the recommendation :huh:
  11. Ignore this thread. Slide it is trash compared to ShapeWriter. As for advanced task killer.... don't bother downloading it... i have found out you do not need it whatsoever as android takes care of your memory usage beautifully. Task killers harm your system rather then improving it. Uninstalled this piece of junk and phone improved dramatically Launcher pro; MUST HAVE :huh:
  12. Hi all. Most of you will know ShapeWriter has been taken off the market place... however you can still access and download ShapeWriter if you scan the qr code for this app. Instructions - simply Google "ShapeWriter androlib" click on the link which takes you to the androlib website which contains the link to download ShapeWriter. (You can't miss it) Now all you do now is scan the qr code on the page using the barcode scanner app. Select show results once scanned and it will take you to the market place where you can download this amazing keyboard. Enjoy! Just so you know, I typed all this on my pulse mini using ShapeWriter keyboard. It really is an amazing app. Download it now! :huh: I think you will be hard pressed to find a spelling mistake on this message as this keyboard is that good! ;)
  13. Im after a ROM, The pulse isnt bad in terms of usablity now that i have tweaked it to my liking but im fascinatted by these ROMS, Do they make the phone run any faster? The thing is, the last thing i want to do right now is wipe all my data out... BUT if there is a custom ROM which boosts performance on the mini...I think it would be worth it Fill me in please.
  14. Remove the painfully slow branded boot up logo, Fix the woeful bluetooth connectivity issues, Use a launcher pro esque style launcher with the slick dockbar and incredibly fast and smooth menus. Password protection Apps/files - This is important as many people may have important files they want to lockdown Is it possible to include a custom keyboard within the ROM, such as shapewriter? If so implement it. I dont know if any of my suggestions are possible to implement but nevertheless, these are the things i would like included
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