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  1. I'm at IBM Global Services Delivery Center Czech Republic, s.r.o. (Brno) w/ 2 others http://t.co/8Hqhgmgt

  2. Not up to speed with 'repacking' kernels and whatnot, but is it possible to use other kernels with this ROM? if so, it is necessary for someone to repack it or can we flash straight away?
  3. I'm at Staroměstské náměstí | Old Town Square (Praha) w/ 10 others [pic]: http://t.co/sjWJh0yR

  4. Not sure if this helps you but usually when I install new ROMs I do a full charge and then boot into Clockworkmod Recovery and delete Battery Stats. Things usually settle down for me a couple of power cycles later after doing this.
  5. I ABSOLUTELY love this ROM, and I hope it doesn't go unsupported or discontinued in favour of the other 2 :D Expect a 'few cold ones' on my next pay, Trip. It is the least one can do to support your incredible efforts!
  6. Read a few posts above mine, dude. I went through the same thing. One quick command and I was set to go.
  7. Hey thanks for the tips! I can't locate DSP Manager and the market still don't work. I will clear its data perhaps see if that resolves the issue
  8. I'm at Kavárna v kapli [pic]: http://t.co/aNcVt5uY

  9. Ahh Czech Republic, your old-school socialist ways never cease to amaze me :/

  10. I'm loving this ROM! wow by far the fastest I've ever seen on this phone. Very nice work, indeed. Now, a couple of things that quickly come to mind. 1. For some reason, I cannot boot into Recovery. I used the power button, chose reboot and then clicked on Recovery. Nothing. The boot rebooted normally. I did the same thing again, but this time chose bootloader --> Recovery, and same result. I downloaded ROM Manager from the Play Store and then selected 'Reboot into Recovery' through that app, and again, the phone rebooted normally. Is there a trick I can apply here to clear this up? 2. Trying to purchase an app from the Play Store gives me a error. As fast as I click on the price, I get a message "Error: An error ocurred. Please Try Again" 3. Weather option via TripNDroid settings; not sure if I am supposed to see a weather icon somewhere in the notification bar, or elsewhere? Last question here; more like a general query actually. Can Beats be incorporated into this ROM? Thanks for all your answers and your time!
  11. Hi, I am not so new to Android but brand new to HTC devices. I've heard about needing a goldcard for a Desire HD if he phone was sim-locked and/or branded. My new HTC is NOT sim-locked but it is branded. Question here is: Do I need a goldcard should I want to install a custom ROM or CWM? Thanks!
  12. Seems like it. On the Voodoo page, it specifies that it only actually works on Android 2.1 for the i9000. Did you uninstall any previous Lag-fixes before applying this one?
  13. Not sure if it affects anything else, but all I did was put "System Sounds" to 0 via AudioManager (I think you can do this also straight from the 'Sounds' option in Settings) Notifications and Ringer Tone are separate entries so those still play.
  14. Just a question here, is the card formatted as FAT32?
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