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  1. the1c3man

    V20G for the UK

    I've just check if there is an update for my UK O2X and it says theres a V20G update, normally says V10D. Do I give it a go???
  2. the1c3man

    MIUI! :D

    I've just had a BSOD and a warm phone, baseband froyo 0614 Back to FR19 i think.
  3. the1c3man

    MIUI! :D

    change lines: ro.additionalmounts=/mnt/sdcard/externalSD to ro.additionalmounts=/mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD ;) Its nice and fast, bit hard to find apps, also i score 2850 ish on quadrant.
  4. +1 @paul, what are the advantages of ext4 over ext3? Do we need it?
  5. Just a quick review for BB 0622 on stock v10d rom, its not great had alot of heat when charging and locks, plus had a few text messages failed to said, so going back to 0614 BB which is great for me.
  6. I updated to 0622 baseband and the rom you linked to, but i found the rom to be slower than the stock 10d I'm on so restored v10d back, but still using 0622 bb+ril which seems good so far.
  7. Ok, after hearing about a new update I've just plugged my phone in and checked and it says there is one available. I'm on Stock UK 10d with th 614 baseband, so lets see where the update takes me! Edit:Just doing a backup, then once updated, I'll do another nadroid and pass the links to new files to Paul if he wants them? Which files did you need again? Edit: Says V10C is available Edit: After all that, I'm still on V10D and its put back the 0405 baseband, can't see anything else different! pants!
  8. Thanks, Just flashed 0614 and restoring nandroid backup now.
  9. Is there a RIL update for the 0614 baseband or will the 0606 one work?
  10. Just flashed baseband+ril and working fine for me on stock rom, plus it looks like the 10c rom on there supports MKV!
  11. Not broken as it works, but i checked mine about 3 weeks ago, it outputs 1 amp! which is like a fast charge and made my phone hot and lock up. So i started to use my old phone charger which is 0.75 amps and although it takes longer to charge does not get as hot and the battery does seem to last longer. Same thing if you charge via usb on a computer, even slower charge but lasts longer. check it out and let me know what you think.
  12. the1c3man

    Free "Reboot into Recovery" application

    Just upgraded to cloclwork and the spp doesn't work now, says my phones not a 2x???
  13. Unless its the 10d update that their on about? Thats what i got in the UK.
  14. the1c3man

    Crashing / Freezing O2X

    Could this be due to the CPU overheating? When my phone is charging and the battery is getting warm i get locks, plus when the phone has been used heaverly for a while with wi-fi on. I've tried some temp apps but says not supported by kernal or no sensors found. Wounder if paul could add something to the kernal so we can monitor this?

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