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  1. I know ill be waiting :rolleyes: BTW that was your 911 post :D You now know why youre the emrgency help for all B7610 users :P GL Erik
  2. In case anyone is wondering about speed difference between Storage and SD: I bought a Samsung 8gb Class10 microsd and although speeds are looking fine according to SD tools(12-14mb Write, 25+ Read), the My Storage install is definitely much snappier, at least in my case. Dont know if storage in 7610 is faster than Omnia II (?) BTW anyone else having a big delay in calling. For example when i press to call a contact, the phone part is very slow and the call is made after almost a whole minute :unsure:. Doesnt happen all the time though :D Good luck with the wifi Erik
  3. I managed to install in Internal Storage using automatic installer but i still have a problem. I can see the SD card mounted in Android but i cant install any apps or when i add some directories (i have alot from WM too) the phone hangs. With the SD formatted everything works :blink: Ive already tried the SD formatter. Any help? Thanks PS: Im missing SU access as well Keep it up :) EDIT: I installed again manually (untar ext4.tar in Ubuntu etc) and phone IS Rooted
  4. I have tried numerous times with different install methods, (auto installer and manually untaring and copying files)) Whatever i do, my phone either hangs randomly in Android or or im getting androird.process errors all the time. (I create partitions with gparted) Could it be that the internal memory is damaged somehow? Anyway to check reliably? Thanks and keep it up. BTW on SD it is working fine
  5. Thank you very much for the guide:) I managed to load Android succesfully (after a couple reboots) but after i enter the PIN, the phone hangs. I will try and install again later.
  6. No, i have created the partitions in gparted (primary), the installer just reports them. It says Found Fat32 p1, Ext4 p2, swap p3 :blink: . It also reports the right size of the partitions i made Am i doing something wrong? IUve read the guides here and in xda but i guess i must be missing something which maybe i have no knowledge of :(
  7. I need some help. I am trying to install in My Storage. This is what i do: Copy O2beta folder with haret and startup.txt pasted from this thread. Replace zImage and ext.tar.gz with the ones in CM B7610 that erikcas created. Rename sdmscpio to sdcpio. Execute Androidinstall.exe from inside the O2beta folder. Everything looks ok, it says Done, Rebooting... While waiting for the installed to untar, my partitions show as: mmcblk1p1 Fat32 1p2 Ext4 1p3 Swap A few lines below it says Internal Storage Mounted Ext4-fs (mmcblk0p2) (which partiton is this?) I edit startup.txt (the one in Root Storage but there is another startup.txt in the O2Beat folder which i dont touch?) to mmcblk1p2 (My Ext4 right?) Init.rc to 1p1 (My Storage) Fstab to 1p3 I have tried many times but im still stuck at Android on omniaII loading screen :( PS: I have already made the changes Gardakkan posted in his guide concerning Init.rc and Vold.fstab PS2: I also tried manually untaring CM B7610 ext.tar.gz and then lauch haret but im still stuck at loading screen Anybodys help is much appreciated
  8. Edit: Im sorry but i just found that my SD shows as Storage in file manager. All files are there so i should leave it as is right? Files exist but installing apps hangs the phone and images dont open with gallery. Will check vold.fstab. Anything else? PS: When i install, i replace the CM ext.tar.gz and zimage with the ones erikcas provides in the update, right?
  9. I did a clean install in My storage (took me some time, i had no experience with Linux). All is good, except my SD is not mounted-recognized :( I have both /sdcard and mnt/sdcard directories in file manager. Is this normal? Which file should i alter (if possible) to try and get it mounted? Thanks
  10. I did a fresh install. wiped patition with mini tool, resized and used the auto sd installer (with your files included of course) I am willing to reinstall from scratch to My Storage (i have ububtu installed anyway) but i dont know if its worth it, speed wise (SD is 8gb class4) . You shouldnt reinstall for "no" reason, you should focus on Wifi :D Thanks Erik
  11. I'm also missing superuser access, fresh install. Any apk we could try? PS: Update is runnibg fine for me, phone's been up and running since last night, no problems. PS2: My SD is class4, is a class6-10 or my storage much (i mean very noticeable) faster? Thanks
  12. Testing it in a bit. Just want to say thanks in advance to all that make this possible :)
  13. I believe that we are all waiting for this :) BTW, anyone experience low 3D/2D performance in CM beta? Quadrant shows much lower score (3D 45, 2D 72?) than beta3 but drag racing which i play often is definitely smoother :blink:
  14. Thanks Erik, i thought the script should be renamed only for WCDMA phones, mine is GSM. Anyway, it doesnt work, phone stays in Airplane mode :(
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