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  1. i tried the guide but step five does not work i see the FTM on the blades screan connect the blade to the pc but i do not see the blade in the pc i mean there is no new disc or anything after conecting the blade to the pc and the only thing i can do is shut off the blade by removing the batery.
  2. Does this kernel support init.d? Can I use it with trickstermod app?
  3. Hi, great guide, written well. I tried to modify the power menu of my ascend y300 with a stock ROM but I can't find files at the second step . Is it possible to have an updated guide for ascend y300 or you can send me the files to add? Thank you very much.
  4. Brightness toggle works for me. There's a question, when I change this* line in build.prop it doesn't works, why? *ro.config.hw_battery_percent=true
  5. Hello, i have a few feature request for smartgear: - fast forward support (skip n frames) - fix rewind support (it seems a bit buggy) - custom GB mono palette support - option for always show current FPS

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