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  1. I had that problem, i think it happens when you log on to messenger before you use windows live - for some reason it adds all your messenger friends to your contact list and adds them back to the messenger so you have two of each... I solved it by choosing log on with a different user in the windows live app, and logging back in - this seems to delete the duplicate contacts.
  2. Thats the one i have installed, and its only beta 1.
  3. It redirects to modaco.com again?
  4. Anyone have the latest version of this? I think its beta 7...
  5. Go to settings -> homescreen and set timeout to 'never'. ;)
  6. When i click details i get info on a baldurs gate game... Anyone know how to buy this game? Leaving on a long trip this evening and need something fun to play :D
  7. Here you go: http://www.smartphone.net/software_detail....teid=279&id=948 :lol:
  8. Is it really true that the notes you create with the sound recorder cant be used as ring tones?? I cant on my phone at least... :roll: :roll: And yes, i did copy the sound to the right location. EDIT: Nevermind, figured out why... for some reason the file had 'hidden' tag, so it could not be seen by the settings program.
  9. Mapopolis of course! Its in free beta and you can try the maps for free.
  10. Theres the free http://www.mobiluck.com/
  11. I like the new design very much, nice and smooth :D
  12. Den eneste rigtige løsning er at skrive +45 foran alle numre, så kan din SPV godt finde ud af det. Man kan dog godt finde programmer til at gøre dette automatisk med alle numre, så det burde ikke være det store problem.
  13. Hmm wierd... Did you try to go somewhere else? Like outside if you are inside? Or try to powercycle the gps.
  14. If it says running/no fix, then it is the gps that hasn't found enough sattelites yet. You should give it 5-10 minutes.
  15. The battery indicator might be a bit wrong for the first couple charges, you should give it some time to calibrate properly.
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