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  1. waiting for the update since May 6 and up now nothing. I hate to move to other roms, I just love the MCR on the nexus s but it's time to move on as I did with my htc desire.
  2. thanx, it worked now. just flashed it over CM7 HBOOT partition table size 130/5/302 (system/cache/data) added Arabic files from Ayman http://www.mediafire.com/?18v2vi3itk5gdi9 and so far it looks great. will see performance and battery life now
  3. backed and flashed the rom twice but the phone is not booting, stock at splash screen
  4. update for Arabic libs and RTL from Ayaman http://ardoid.com/?p=219 http://www.mediafire.com/?n77zet4bbgedchg
  5. Paul, could update the arabic support files to the latest one http://ardoid.com/?p=219 Last update 1/23/2011: Added support for Modaco r9.
  6. Thanx Paul for adding the Arabic support. now it's easier for me to cock a rom for my nexus s. Now r6 is perfect :D.
  7. need some help with the music player I re-synced my Itune podcasts using doubletwist but now the music player doesn't see the playlist, any idea on how to import it?
  8. Thanks Paul for the great effort I'm loving this rom as my phone is faster now (1461 on quadrant benchmark) and it worked perfectly with Arabic libs for the nexus one I'm missing addfree & reboot menu plus the battery is getting hotter than r9
  9. just flashed it to my desire, after the first boot and setup I rebooted my phone, once I turned on the wifi the phone started freezing and now I had to remove the battery to reboot. I didn't add "Dropbear SSH Server" since I don't have S-OFF I add the latest radio & still the same issue. any idea?
  10. Akarim47

    Angry Birds Out Now!!

    Thanx, this will keep me busy while waiting for r10 :)
  11. Akarim47

    MCR r8 Archive

    tried it still the same issue
  12. Akarim47

    MCR r8 Archive

    tried it still the same issue
  13. Akarim47

    MCR r8 Archive

    backed, wiped, installed with no problems however after the third boot the boot animation is gone only black screen. i know it's not a big deal and everything else is working fine but I like to see something while booting, any idea? Thanx Paul for the great work.
  14. Akarim47

    MCR r8 development archive

    installed r7 and it was a bit slow scrolling menus and friend stream, now wipe and installed r8 and it's working flawlessly, I installed the latest arabization libs from Ayman Alsanad and now it's perfect for me, hope it will be included in the kitchen http://www.ardoid.com/?p=41 great work Paul, appreciate it.

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