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  1. Since the PingPong team thank Kingroot i take it they helped with the exploit to make PingPong? i wouldn't worry about "my personal information" if the device is clean and never had any contacts or google accounts linked to it. how many apps on playstore have access to your IMEI number? there was an article a while back when google changed their premission settings regarding how easily it was to obtain personal information now for app developers. im no dev but i am sure it's easy enough to gain root with Kingroot, install flashfire or flashify, install modified ZTE rom with SuperSU and busybox (maybe even change the launcher). that to me isn't real development though as a "kitchen" can be used. what needs to be done someone with the skils to fix the silly bugs and optimise battery. sadly i'm not that person. glad though that root has been established on this device. only downside is i think the delay between launch and obtaining root has slightly put people off and developers won't pick this device up. the Honor X4 is cheaper and has proper GPS but a Kirin 620. if it had the SD625 like the ZTE i think i'd be an easy decision. here's hoping that some smart people can release 5.1.1 for this device
  2. Not tried this, but i was reading about ping pong root which is used by the S6. i think that too is based on the kingroot method. i am waiting for ping pong root to be updated for other devices and be able to use SuperSU instead. i wonder if that would mean the users can flash a custom recovery using flashify or flashfire? got rid of the device but still following it. if this device can get a decent development behind it, it'll be great. hardware bar the GPS and battery is spot on for me. Elephone P7000 ticks most boxes for me except they won't release source code as it uses an MTK chip. The Honer 4x uses a Kirin 620, which for me doesn't sit well in comparison to a SD615
  3. Hi All, Cases and screen protectors for this device are hard to come by. I'd like to know if any users out there have had any luck with these accessories? If some users have bough some off a well known auction site, do they work/fit the device well? I've read a few reviews on amazon saying how cases don't fit. I've created this thread to possibly help other users as well as myself on what to avoid or what to go for if they do work. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. i don't know how true the story is or anything but i feel i should help. easy solution is to factory reset. you haven't listed the phone model or anything. i beleive the easy way to reset your device would be in settings, security or something. i haven't used 2.1 in a very long time. it would also help if you did actually tell us what phone it is
  5. Hi

    i would like to know how did you tmobile stop saying sim block unlock. What did you flash it with and how did you do it. Thanks

  6. Front Camera maybe supported but how do you switch to it then?i also try with LG camera but find no way to switch. Gtalk could not find camera either so did not allow video chat. i don't have skype account so i do not know how to test that. i believe cm camera doesn't have limitations as i am 90% confident that "newer" hardware such as xperia line and the last 2 developer phones have this feature in there. once again thanks for your quick answers. appreciate it all. i am thinking of what other devices which have same/similar chipsets have open gl libs which we can "borrow" for our devices in hope in case our devices are out dated. as for wifi issues i haven't had any strangely. would updating the wifi driver from the zte blade source help us? i believe they have the same wifi chip as us and have fixed their wifi issues? (i may be wrong with this)
  7. hey guys. excellent work once again. few questions.. are the libs for opengl being copied from CM7 from the htc hero? or were they from another source? another question is, is it easy to get sensor OV7670 working? (i .e. front cam) as it would allow gtalk video to work on the pulse? i don't understand how the camera.apk works as the orignal eclair rom had option to switch to secondary camera in the menu tab. i do not know how useful this link maybe to you but i believe this sensor is used in this project and has a 2.6.34 kernel and i believe it is based on an arm architecture. cheers
  8. Hi Dr Flo, could we not use this source code for the mt9t013 sensor? http://lxr.free-elec...?v=2.6.36;a=arm also codeaurora seems to keep crashing but the kernel for 7225 might be useful if the site worked!!! :( or maybe not https://www.codeauro...o/msm/mt9t013.h p.s. appreciate your work :)
  9. im trying to look at the ril data...all i have found out probably things that you already know... .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'liblog.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libcutils.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libutils.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libril.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'liboncrpc.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libcm.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libmmgsdilib.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libgsdi_exp.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libgstk_exp.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libwms.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libnv.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libwmsts.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libril-qcril-hook-oem.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libdss.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libqmi.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libc.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libstdc++.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Needed Library 'libm.so' .plt:0000CF6C ; Shared Name 'libril-qc-1.so' Thats when i opend libril-qc-q-1.so of the tmobile 2.1 rom using IDA (trial version) also a question, is the stock rom a port from a CDMA phone?
  10. Yep Agree about the wifi. i notice that the ZTE blade uses the same wifi chipset. we can "borrow" its driver, either from a CM build or their "AOSP" build as different countries got different versions of android on the same phone. or is the aim still to use huawei phones and sources only?
  11. i've been trying to do some research about the ril by searching on this forum and found a topic for the pulse... http://android.modac..._1#entry1223197 (used words ril and porting) and it pointed to another site http://www.netmite.c.../telephony.html also reading this thread, i found that it lead to the fix for RIL for the ZTE blade which might help us in knowing how they obtained it. i will try read through these all and if anybody else has time and wants to read up it'll be great :) also what matty says make it sound so easy :P but i know it isn't :( the blade also had issues with RIL again when porting CM7 i think i have found the post i had mentioned earlier but it will take time to go through all of them. hopefully they are well documented and at least explain what was done to achieve this. LINK Off topic, can someone upload the 2010 2.1 update please as i can't get a hold of it anymore? and @ pier11: i tried using a 3rd party camera app, camera zoom. it gives the exact same results (as expected but i thought i'd try) i will during the weekend try look through the build.prop file and compare with CM6 mods to see what other functions were added via this method.
  12. i guess the fact is that the rom you have borrowed from the ascend isn't entirely stock, i mean we would be required to build directly from AOSP source from google (not CM source) for a "stock rom" as the manufacture of the device might have mods. i was reading the build prop to change the screen density a little during break to see what new things they have in there since our phone. some interesting add ons. will provide more info.back to work now, breaks over :(
  13. Hi Pier, i've been following your other kernel thread and would like to say a big thank you to you for starters. i've pulled out my my pulse from my spares draw once again because of you and i would love to see the device be able to gtalk video with the front cam on a device that had a front camera before the nexus s. i will try to get to the point of my post now, i am currently downloading your work now and about to flash to my pulse. i wont be able to assist directly tonight. i will be trying a 3rd party camera app such as camera zoom fx as i remember from my G1 days that the original camera app had distortion issues similar to this or maybe somebody else can provide feedback quicker then me. as for the ril situation, i'm not sure if it was the pulse or the blade, but i recall there was a huge thread trying to get the ril to work and various methods tried by lots of people to get it to work. i will try find that thread as it might be useful probably tomorrow after work. i hope to contribute like you have given your time for this community. many thanks
  14. I think from the word buzzing in the statement it implies bees and bees make honey! Vega 1 to get honeycomb and vega 2 to be launched for xmas with Nvidia's Kal-El and a better screen!!! probably around £300 with 3g and 3ps around £350... i remember DSG saying they will release a 3G/gps version in the future... but as there are similar devices out there with this already..looks like that wont happen until Vega 2...
  15. well done mate!!i'd like to know how you managed that thought :D glad to see people keep this device living
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