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  1. Plebius20

    Which ROMs??

    That's the issue AMDZERO I have no clue on how to build on top a lite rom... I have started the guide even downloaded the i920 kitchen 2.0 but am lost beyond all means, if you are still around and reading :) any help would be great!
  2. Plebius20

    Which ROMs??

    That's the issue AMDZERO I have no clue on how to build on top a lite rom... I have started the guide even downloaded the i920 kitchen 2.0 but am lost beyond all means, if you are still around and reading :) any help would be great!
  3. I have been around awhile, barely can flash my phone. So, there is my level of expertise... I am wondering what all the cooks are running on their own personal O2's?? I have used Steels beta Sense, AMD lite ROM (current), Ninja's Today. I am wondering what the cooks themselves are using. And I understand requesting something is like wishing in one hand and _____ in the other, I am only looking for a ROM that offers RAM (though speed is only critical sometimes), battery life, web browsing (opera I understand the RAM hog, but I am used to it now), and listening to music, flashlight, JinBox ONLY!! (hate the default texting in Samsung), and reading e books. Can any of you great cooks help me out. I don't need a reg edit or an overclocking, or games, or orientation. Stuff like that. If any of you maybe interested in making the most basic streamlined ROM, i would love to converse and create something useful for those of us who continually are overwhelmed by all the stuff on the phone that may be useless or unused since it resides over are heads. I have read the guides about cooking but they just give me a headache.... This is my last ditch effort to combine my usage and basic understanding to either cook or combine and create something so streamlined and useful to us newbies that MODACO will have to deem us legends! If anyone reads this that feels the same way please be heard and reply to this post, and if anyone wants to help create a ROM that has about 65-74 RAM available but with just enough programs to not get lost driving, in the dark, or without a quick easy topic at their next cocktail party, PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND!!
  4. Changing the media player from the standard cooked in one to another. Under the shortcuts section if you hold it down it brings up a "change" option, and then it just loads and never opens another window to change the shortcuts... I have left this ROM and moved onto one of yours AMD.
  5. I have read all 12 pages of posts and saw that nothing has been mentioned of a fix for the shortcuts issue. I absolutely love this ROM and am planning on keeping it until I upgrade in another year or so, I wish I could change the shortcut to another media player, instead of the one cooked in, I have been having issues with it and wish to customize this more. Any ideas or fixes??
  6. HELP!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH THIS ROM!!!! I like to use slacker radio but it always shuts off once the screen locks. HELP!! Have tried to reset the amount of time the screen locks but yet cannot find again or at all. As for the cold GPS fix in 30 seconds equals major BS!!!!! Sometimes it takes up to five minutes to lock on and then kills a 100 percent battery in about three hours with no other music or programs running. HELP!!!
  7. I have had the same problems as T-Dawg... but love this Rom completely. I would love to know the answer to his problems as well. The bing app seems to only work when not using anything else or moving the phone and not allowing the screen to lock either. The slacker radio app works but sometimes shuts down without any rhyme or reason (though it does a great job pausing when recieving a phone call!) And opera tanks alot hell even more than it did on the ole Samsung OS.
  8. Thanks for the imput, I was being an idiot and failed at clicking certain boxes in octans. Flashed the ROM somehow, touch and go for awhile. TOTALLY LOVE IT CANNOT PUT MY PHONE DOWN!!! I have a couple of problems with it freezing though... 1) on the sliding screen like others posted on same page. Not sure how to change to windows for sliding app. 2) the overclocking stuff, had it at 1.0ghz (I guess for my apll?) and it was working great thought it got better, but then somehow knocked it down to 940, hated the speed so tried to reclock and I think the MPLL is to low now, its only 230. So the current stage of the phone is; APLL 1000.00 Mhz 500x2.00 MPLL 230.00 Mhz 460x0.50 EPLL 96.00 Mhz 32x3.00 I have no clue what any of this means or if it can be better (which is always good :) ) But not really sure of the order and how we are supposed to overclock the processor anyways!! oh and P.S. I LOVE THIS ROM!!!!
  9. Having problems with Octans and detecting my device followed all the directions fervently and directly from the guide here: http://www.modaco.com/content/verizon-sams...omnia-vzw-i920/ Please help!!! Windows Vista 32 bit and yes i920 phone

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