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  1. Thank you for the hint. Could be done in mass storage mode as well via copying to Windows folder, rewriting original files. Works OK on my SCH-M715. Any idea how to correct "Phone OFF" screen where only squares appear instead of letters as well?
  2. You have to flash proper phone.bin part of the phone. I did it with T-OMNIA II (SCH M715), korean version with Octan software. Unless you are not experienced I do not recomend you to do it alone. You may brick your phone!
  3. Hi kgp700, is this korean or english ROM? Do you also have some manual of M715 T-OMNIA II to be posted either in korean or english as I have only korean language which I do not understand so I cannot set up some settings. My previous smartfone was WM6.1 and I had a look at OMNIA i8000 II but it is slighly different in detailed settings I guess. THX
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