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  1. Allways best NOT to install over the air updates, you might lose root. and that would suck big time. As for the market update, android central has it http://www.androidcentral.com/updated-andr...-central-forums You will probably need to doiwnload the ZIP version, reboot to recovery mode, turn off vairification and install it from there. Do a nandroid back up first - the chance of it going wrong are zero, but hey, better safe than sorry...
  2. I wondered why all these stupid posts had stopped appearing in the v9 kitchen forum. Glad all you morons found another place to play that I can ignore. Keep it in here, and go nuts! :)
  3. I cant recommend a2sd+ strongly enough... while a2sd helps, in comparison to a2sd+ its very lame. * a2sd only lets you move programs the developer wants to let you move * even then it only moves part of it * its not accessible when the card is mounted for access via your pc. (so no good for widgets etc witch need to be accessible all the time... a2sd+ *moves everything * independent of developer allowing it * moves it all * accessible when card is mounted for pc use (so works with widgets) :))
  4. Dont give up mate.... the exact problem I had was that bloody file would not go away... Its worth getting android commander to work. its very handy - it wont be the last time you use it! Marty Update: Read your next message, glad you stuck with it... :)) The reason I think Paul installed these apps like he did was because a) at that stage they allmost never got updated :( it gave us more useable memory - which at the time noone was complaining about having!!! (including me!) So, no fault for paul, he was dojng the best possible job at the time... and hey, we all learnt some more about how android security works in the process, so nothing lost - everything gained!!! :)
  5. I had a few issues with gmail this time around. also I have not had much luck with ADB commands in the past.... solution. Do a google search for android commander and install that (windows software) which is pretty much like a file explorer type interface reboot phone into recovery mode plug in your usb cable choose mount partition from teh recovery mode on phone fire up android commander on pc, navigate to system/app/ folder delete Gmail.app delete Voicesearch.app unplug usb cable reboot phone go to android market and install gmail go to android market and install voice search delete gmail and voice search icons from your home screens (if still there) add them back ..... Thats what worked for me. Hope it helped :))
  6. Doh.... Yes recovery mode - thought I didnt have to if using commander - ok, that fixed it... That was harder to get rid of than a red wine stain on a white carpet! Thanks, you guys rock! Warmly, Marty
  7. No idea what is going on here, but if I delete the Gmail.apk (I used android commander and adb) it's gone - I look in the diorectory system/app for it with a file explorer - confirms its gone... but when I reboot the phone, its back again! wtf ? is that from aps2sd+ or something? dont believe Ihad this problem last time I updated... the market now says I dont have it installed, but if I click on the icon, it still runs and works... Actually now I remember I might have had this problem last time, so I just copied the new Gmail.apk over the old one... So - does anyone have gmail 2.3.2 .apk ? please help. Warmly, Marty
  8. Was NOT 'blown away' with the nexus S I think I will wait for a HTC phone with similar specs, (NFC etc etc) but with 4.3" screen, dual core cpu... oh and SENSE.. I do love sense... So hopefully I will get another 6 months or so out of the desire with gingerbread. I havent tried a phone with stock android - (had a 5 min look at a samsung with their fantastuc UI and wanted to break all my fingers to make sure I coiuld never do THAT again) Does stock android intergrate all the things like grabbing peoples face book photo and adding it to your contacts etc? Anyway - Thanks paul for making my desire useable... Telstra in australia only just released 2.2 the other week (and its again covered in all their shitty apps you cant delete) Thats just lame... Warmly, Marty
  9. Kingston have just come out with a class4 32gb card, and the price of all sizes from all manufacturers has just dropped across the board... I am waiting for my class4 32gb to be shipped to me. also note that the 'class' rating is what the minimum sustained throughput is - sometimes it is a lot faster.. however another figure to take into account is the random access speed for small read/writes - they DONT tell you that, and that is what would be useful for running an OS off the actual card - I hear that some of the lower class number cards have actually faster small read/write speeds.... This is one if the issues with Windows phone 7 - you need a card that is fantastic at the small read/writes, that is why Microsoft wants to control what goes into the phones to keep up performance (thus they are not user changeable) Marty
  10. Hmmm had a few issues with MyBackupPro and contacts, it seemed to double up the facebook/phone/google ones - but that might be something stupid I did, in fact at that time I think MyBackup pro restored the Google ones, as Google was trying to do a gmail sync, and caused a huge cluster F**K Still, there is always a nandroid before that to be safe.... B)
  11. I used to be all hung up about the boot animation, some times it works, some times it doesn't (it seem sto work less reliable if you have a 16gb or about SDHC card too for some reason) I appreciate that you would like a custom one because it looks nice however... ... The thing is, how often do you reboot your phone?? I am about once every 3-5 days... and usually I am in the middle of doing something (just rebooting because its got a bit flakey) - so I don't find it that productive to watch it... Its like when microwave ovens first came out - (showing my age a bit) people used to sit there and watch their food cook because it was new and cool. Now - do you sit there and watch your food cook in the microwave before you eat it?? Really??? ... Just sayin....
  12. Two questions, 1) are you using all the htc sense options in the build? - perhaps you excluded something that is needed - its not allways obvious or logical. 2) Do you use the htc sync software to sync your contacts to say outlook? - if you do, another thing you can try (this also fixes .acore force close errors) - back up your contacts to outlook (i have a contacts subfolder called 'HTC Contacts' so it doesent get poluted with regular contacts from outlook) - Check that it backed up ok (Allways confirm your backups actually work!!) - go to the phone settings, applications, and look for 'contacts storage' and select 'clear data' (this deletes all the contacts on the phone) - go into HTC sync again and sync contacts (this will put them all back again) This seems to clean up any weird things in your contacts, if any contacts have corrupt settings etc... Worth a try. Warmly, Marty
  13. I found that you need to reboot after setting the custom ring, and it works fine after that.
  14. Use Aps2sd+ the 'normal' partition on the SD card lakes a little while to mount, and mounts AFTER the phone has started - that is why you cant have widgets etc moved to SD. If you use apps2sd+ however, that uses its own partition just for apps, and mounts almost instantly, so you can what ever apps you want there. not only that, but it moves them there automatically (whether the app developer has made it possible or not), so you don't even have to worry about it... :rolleyes:)
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