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  1. Kernel released Version: CHM-U01_kernel_[Android5.0_EMUI3.0] http://emuirom123.dbankcloud.com/CHM-U01_kernel_%5BAndroid%205.0%20EMUI3.0%5D.tar.gz?rid=443
  2. what's the problem. Sd card is not accessible?
  3. yeah this is a too big system partition. will try to reduce it.
  4. uploading new version. to sd-ext partition work, must install darktremmor apps2sd zip trough recovery
  5. hi on u8230 it should boot ok even if it last for like an eternity in the end it will boot. i'm testing it on a u8230.
  6. hi first boot always tricky with this rom . Have you tried to wipe data/factory reset and reinstall zip?
  7. Here i present my developing project for porting MokeeOS to the pulse (u8230/8220). This is based on cm7.2 rom with the mokeeos apps. Working: All the usual stuff: wifi, radio network Front camera does not work with camera app included; ...... Not working: Keypad lights USB tethering Phone and contacts have FC error, will try to resolve it. used CM7.2 apps instead. s2ext - cannot find partition workaround is to install darktremmor .... Screenshots: Install instruction: Copy rom to your sdcard; Reboot to recovery; wipe data/factory reset install zip After install reboot; Note that If after install, phone stucks on the android logo, it might be necessary to reinstall rom. Download ROM_MoKeeOS_v1.10.421_25102012-u8230 This one has a different approach, it is based on the CM 7.2 rom released a few months ago here on this forum, only apps folder and framework folder were replaced. changelog of this version: Based on the cm7.2 rom by pier11 ROM_MoKeeOS_v1.10.421_24102012-u8230 - This one is more stable than the latest, at least with less bugs on contacts changelog of this version: Phone.apk, Contacts.apk were now taken from cm7.2 rom (original ones from Mokee rom were not working) so that we can now make calls; S2E is not working, workaroun will be to install darktremmor apps2sd; MoKeeOS_v1.10.421_22102012-u8230-u8220 changelog of this version: initial release, phone.apk and Contacts.apk not working; This is a work in progress, so remember that when you try this rom must first have a backup of your rom in use. darktremmor apps2sd Any problem post it here
  8. for 2.6.32 is the zte source and with good compiling, camera won't work. don't know what other sources exist besides this one. for 2.6.35 i downloaded burstlam source and zte source but i had problems with touchpad not working. My goal is to have a kernel that works with my stock rom and in what the camera works, first for 2.6.32 (the one i use at the moment) and then to 2.6.35 kernel. meanwhile this what appears when i dial *zte*chipinfo#
  9. This is my own kernel build. The real problem here is that i'm trying to resolve the camera problem (mt9p111_Samsung 5Mp) with the majority of roms
  10. hello i'm trying to compile a kernel for my 5mp blade (sapo a5) to try to resolve the camera problem on the majority of roms. The problem on kernel 2.6.35 is that the touchpad isn't working so i cannot go ahead on first boot. tried with burstlam kernel and also with zte source Tried with kernel 2.6.32 but mobile can't detect camera (mt9p111_Samsung) the rest is working ok. It appears that driver isn't on kernel. made it on zte source for 2.6.32. can anyone give me some lights about this? cheers
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