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  1. Another con as with most Samsung products....its feels like its made out of recycled plastic cups ;) I too found I liked it when I trialled one for a week on loan from a friend as far as its mini tablet credentials go its superb. As a phone though it falls a bit flat. Nothing worse than feeling like a complete pleb with a flat recycled plastic cup slab to your ear to make a phone call. I'd have looked less conspicuous and suffered less ridicule if I'd had a "retro" eighties briefcase phone.
  2. Rafflecopter is a spot on way of dealing with the giveaway, very easy to use. Can't wait to get to grips with it :D Thanks Paul ;)
  3. Also had the boot loop problem but on using my goldcard with the update.zip instead of standard sd everything updated perfectly and I got the congratulations message :) Thanks guys!
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