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  1. Hi, do the same as this guy from this post. Post for example
  2. What update is pending ? do you need root ?
  3. Hi ! this website should help you out :) forum.samdroid.net/f49/
  4. Hi ! this was really a long wait for us, but unfortunately skype doesn't think that GS community is large enough to address straight from the beginning. the app doesn't work on i9000 with 2.1 nor with i9000 JPH 2.2 leaves me waiting .... again :)
  5. Hi, SGS headphones are wired differently than all the other due to VIDEO OUT support the headphone jack provides on the SGS. Avi
  6. Hello Guys, I'm struggling for a while now to understand why I get this error while trying to copy some files to /Data/Data/com.blablabla folder I have plenty of space there (over half a gig). I'm on Modaco's r3, Rooted again with easy root (to get rid of superuser pop problem), no lag fix applied, not using any a2sd obviously. I've read somewhere that we might not have a write access to system !?!?! (WTF ? have no idea what that means .... we have root access ....) I'm using root explorer, mounting the r/w of course. (tried 4 other file managers too ...) Help wold be really appreciated. Avi
  7. Yeah, me too. I'm sure Paul will fix this in his next release :)
  8. Hello guys, Same thing here : "mkfs.ext2: applet not found" error. I'm on Paul's r3 (JG5). Help please ** Trying out the busybox update. while i was typing my post you've already posted answers ! you ROCK !!! ** the installation went through smoothly after updating the busybox app, but unfortunately I feel no improvement what so ever :) i get 864 in benchmark :D What's wrong ?!?
  9. Same BS here ... toas didn't help. Superuser drives me crazy ! asks the same question time and time again even during the same session (i.e rebooting) HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP
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