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  1. Hey sorry for not posting anymore here .(phone is back from rma) iam gonna get back making some new bundels and easy installers for the new beta's ''''cmomnia'''' easy for updates and new bundels in the future .
  2. I have some problems whit the second data partition (for the ext 4 installer) for recovery Maybe i can post a beta so its gonna install on ext4 just the recovery part isnt working yet . Sorry for not posting so much i just got a new job and didn't have that much time yet. Tomorrow i have 3 days off so i hope to have it fix by then.
  3. i am editing the installer to support ext4 and a second data partition for recovery. i just have alot of work this week (i post if its done).
  4. this is a bundle if you read you can see that the 3d drivers are already installed. so dont install any updates .
  5. yes wep works for me the first time its say disconnected after 2 sec just modify the network (by long pressing on the name of your network) and type the password again this works for me for wep no problems on wpa and wpa2 works on the first time
  6. i dont have any sod (i read somewhere that som apps or widgets can cause sod )
  7. never use more than 1024 mb on my system thats why u have this error i just test it on my omnia and when i'm using 3 gig for my system i get this error ( sorry there's not enough space to install this item)
  8. strange never had this problem and u sure that you have free space on the android system (not sdcard) and did u have enough free ram ?
  9. did you unmount the sd card befor installing angry birds ? edit: lol sorry l3ong91 i didn't see u post first :unsure:
  10. try this http://www.multiupload.com/T7GC3Z4AK3 and unzip the folders to your sd card not my storage (this method worked for a 32 gig that had the same problem and it works now )
  11. if you installed the ubuntu way you can download it from ashburn thread and rename it to update (update.tar.gz) just above the camera is the close button and the old lock button from windows mobile is the back button about the 16 gig wich brand is it ? i read that som sdcards dusnt work whit android
  12. if you download the new bundle (v2 for ubuntu and windows bundle are up to date ) you dont need to install the my storage fix and wifi works i'm 100% sure (i'm using the windows install bundle now for 2 days no problems so far)
  13. how do you mean enable ?? its working on all the new bundles my storage is mounted under the map storage and the sdcard is mounted under sdcard
  14. try this bundle every thing works google sign over wifi no sd card problem ,wifi works ........... working for 7 days now on my phone no sleep of dead jet and battery last aboud a day an a half its easy to install and ready in 3 min u just need ubuntu http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...nstall-updated/ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1066313

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