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  1. Hej! I have bought a SIII of Vodafone Germany. It's working pretty fine besides from time to time, almost twice daily, the widgets stops working, I discovered that re-starting TouchWiz starts to work properly. There's no ROM extra than the official one, and it's updated. I am using BeWeather pro as widget... Any idea?
  2. Let's cross our fingers and hope it comes. For now at Spain Yoigo/Telia Sonera said that they haven't plans to update. So stupid, it's one of the most sucessful on sellings!
  3. Honestly. You are sick. You are insulting free. I'm so sorry, but buy a life. I reported your message to the forum admin.
  4. I'm trying all what can I do... A factory reset can resolve that?
  5. It's not killed. This is the problem!
  6. Hi from Spain! I was reading the forum since I bought my Selina (As it's named here by Yoigo/Telia Sonera ES) and I found fixings to some problems, good apps and other stuff. The matter now it's that the Weather Clock widget, stopped run suddenly. It said was forced to close. I opened back, and since then, I can't get it work. Only updating manually, even adjusting to have updates each hour. How can I fix it? Thanks!
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