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  1. The flash goes well. I have used the program Remote Screen Alignment, and it works now. Thx anywayz...
  2. I did that, but i came no further than that... Any solutions? How long must I press the align screen?
  3. why it's taking so long for align the screen? i've pressed many times to do it correctly....
  4. I'm using this rom for three days now, and it works stable and fine to me. Further i've overclocked it (power performance set: normal) to 900 Mhz. At last, how can I get the Iphone Today skin? (download link?)
  5. doesn't work for me... (any solutions how to fix it?)
  6. yo guys, can someone help me out? i've installed the phonecanvas (HTC sense dialpad), but it actually don't work good enough. if i made a call to someone in my phonelist, it doesn't recognize the ID-caller who i'm calling at that moment? i've tried to uninstalled it, but nothing helps... it's very annoying now.. thx...
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