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  1. it's fixied!!!! http://androidcommunity.com/google-play-store-update-adds-new-notifications-remove-apps-from-all-apps-list-download-20121011/
  2. I also would like to see which one i actually bought, not all of them....
  3. many thanks dude, any other simplier option to install? what exactly is CHMOD?
  4. kmetek

    Weekend Project: Get printing from Android

    try also this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamixsoftware.printershare&feature=search_result
  5. kmetek

    Contact Storage: Move to SD?

    i have app2sd pro active, how do i actually move contats storage to sd? thanks.
  6. me to, dying to get few, willing to pay all cost + some % to helper ;)
  7. wow do they ship to other countries?
  8. kmetek

    [THEME] Orange Pulse V1.3 [16/07/2010]

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=750013 :D
  9. kmetek

    [THEME] Orange Pulse V1.3 [16/07/2010]

    ogiogi: excellent work !!!!!!!! oooooooo MACEDONIA šta ima? :D Može se upotrebiti na HTC DESIRE? = Can it be used on HTC DESIRE? Puno hvala za ovo = Many thanks for this
  10. only UK mainland? nm found it on ebay a little more but they ship to my country.....
  11. kmetek

    Is there a "Phone-to-Chrome" app out there?

    what about phone to firefox?
  12. kmetek

    MCR r8 development archive

    seems quite decent to me.
  13. kmetek

    MCR r8 development archive

    nothing is perfect hehe......all tends to be....which is good :D keep the good work P.

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