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  1. This is bullsh*t. Yes, a few beta ROMs (most notably the Gingerbread stock what got leaked before release) had a few diagnostic apps what reported back to ZTE, containing a bit more than required personal information, but those were removed. The CM repos only contain stock binary files, none of them what are actually spy-files or spy-apps. Most of these proprietary apps were replaced with manufacturer ones (for example, the EGL files), but there are a few bits what we have to rely on the ZTE files (RIL for one example, but you'd notice on your phone bill if that was doing anything). Please, stop spreading chaos here, ZTE isn't up to anything with the phones. Besides, what could they do with the naughty messages you write to your girlfriend? CM is totally safe, believe the developers. Please note that the linked wikileaks article points out, that the devices what were spied on were located in dictatoric states, not democratic countries. Those states probably ORDERED the spy-able phones, as they usually have full control on the import, and only allowed tech can get through the borders.
  2. Isn't the San Diego based on the Lava Xolo X900? If it is, you might be lucky asking the manufacturer for the bootloader!
  3. Yes, you can only do the re-tweeting on a daily basis, that is what gives you more entries (Rafflecopter works this way, you log in, and it counts every time you do something, every tweet adds +1 to your name, thus giving a bit bigger chance on the final selection).
  4. Just that little change of CPU requires huge changes in the hardware, plus, it has bigger screen, not to mention the radio stuff (CDMA instead of GSM). Basically, it IS a new phone. But what I can't get, is the NAND 4Gb (Gigabit) or 4GB (Gigabyte)? That factor does matter!
  5. Would be yummy for some modding and hacking and replacing a main computer.... I wonder if I could hack together an interface for the Pi to support three touchscreens with displays and ofc full Android builds :P
  6. I would like to see it. As a C# programmer mainly, it would be a great experiment, plus, as the project site says, the whole Mono-based thing runs faster than Java (thanks to dropping the limitations of Dalvik, plus P/Invoke) Will try to drop together a device tree as soon as I get the hang of the new layout :D
  7. Burstlam, you did a great work, as usual :D Just one thing that bothers me... the apps seem to think the phone uses the tablet layout... I know, it sounds weird, and I don't know if it's AOKP or a simple mis-set flag during build, but it's pretty annoying (Market uses Tablet interface, in WiFi settings the Scan/Advanced buttons are on top, etc). Would it be possible to swap to the generic phone layout?
  8. I'd be interested in the performance of this. Did Burstlam include the new Qualcomm drivers?
  9. This isn't hardware fault, it's a known flaw in the design of Synaptic touch screens (the coordinates are misplaced to the other two axis hit point, like this: x - fake touch + - actual touch - - axis x | - axis y +----------x | | |°°°°°°°°°°| | | x----------+ This only occurs if any of the axis' intersect with the other (x1 with x2, y1 with y2 and vice versa). Basically, when they meet, the points get mirrored (middle mirror line, line of intersection of the two axis marked with circles on the graphic). Also, those dots on the screen do not detect the touch, they just help the screen recover the exact point of the touch, moderating the detection area (so instead of scanning the whole area, the screen just detects that small part of the screen where the touch occured). Although some guys solved it on the Galaxy Nexus with some kind of touch filter, don't know if it can be applied on the Blade or not.
  10. AOKP itself is really optimized for ARMv7, and I had some problems compiling it, but if you pull the dalvik parts from CM, it will work. My build failed on some ZTE shared libs (source code), and I couldn't get farther but I'm sure if someone, then you can do it :D
  11. First of all, Goo-inside.me is one of the few only-Android hoster sites. They host only Android ROMs, for FREE, with pretty good bandwidth (I have a 3.6MB/s connection (30Mbit), I get max speed from goo), while mediafire, etc, are often not just slow to specific countries (or everyone), but totally blocked. Second, learn some english. Because here, your pretty ass will be kicked for just being an idiot, not to talk about insulting everybody because you have a shitty ISP. Bitching won't help, neither insulting others, let it be in english or your own language. So stop this behavior or you'll soon find yourself banned. Your posts have been reported multiple times, not just by me, believe it or not. So if you've learnt english and proper manner, come back and ask nicely. If you do so, I'm sure many will be helpful, and you'll get a lot more help than bitching here. Third, you should be grateful for tilal for posting his ROMs here. He could just make them, and then put on a private server, and share it only with a few selected, so you wouldn't even know about it. He does it for free, and you come here bitching. If you've paid for it, I would understand you, but bitching because of a free download does not have a good speed because of your ISP, well, that's simply rude, and people like you make good devs go away. And I'm saying it as a developer. Tilal, my dear friend, nice work, as usual. Although I'm a bit late, I wanted to report that the calculator did not work on the 22/03/2012 release, all I got is a pretty much f*cked up greeny screen. Gallery worked perfectly though. Will try the 31/03 release in a minute! Also wanted to ask, could you make an AOKP build too? It has some superior mods to CM9, a lot prettier UI in many ways, and way much more performance fixes!
  12. Nice work again, Tilal! Might I ask, if you gave a try to the new Qualcomm GPU drivers, what stopped them working? I know, we need a new gralloc module, but otherwise they should be working, right? EDIT: Tried some stuff, unlock-reboot has nothing to do with locked-unlocked status. I've unlocked my Blade, and even after unlocking, it reboots. Without SIM card it's perfect. Apparently these latest MIUI ROMs contain a SimUnlock screen what isn't compatible with 4.0.4, plus they appear on almost every device (my phone is unlocked for sure). Here's some logcat: http://pastebin.com/PhkKPWbm
  13. USB Storage was a problem on the MUI builds too, I would guess it's a problem with the framework implementation (while most devices now use MTP, Blade is still stuck with the USM mode, what is not enabled by default, has wrong/no interface set, etc).
  14. Erm, the Desire is not ARMv6, but ARMv7 (one of the first ever ARMv7 Android devices). Actually all official MIUI phones are ARMv7, that's why we couldn't port anything before.
  15. It seems to be a problem with NetworkLocation (the service death occurs after an error with NetworkLocation).
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