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  1. LeeDroid is great, if you don't mind having all the stock apps on your phone. Personally I prefer modaco kitchen ability to remove the crap apps i never use (friendstream, peep etc). Yes I know you can adb in and delete them manually, but I don't really want to learn how to do that, nor have to do it every time I flash a new leedroid rom on. Much rather just click a box or 2 on modaco and have my nice clean rom with no crap apps.
  2. G'day Guys, I was having trouble trying to update angry birds for months now. Stupidly, before searching or anything i just tried to fix myself. I did a full titanium backup, uninstalled angry birds then tried a fresh market install (instead of the previously attempted update). It failed with the same error. It downloads fine, then just says Angry Birds failed to install. I have a HTC Desire running a2sd+ if it matters. At this point I tried searching around the interwebs, seems tonnes of people have the same issue. The general solution seemed to be unmount the SD card and then install it. I was a bit skeptical, as I was running a2sd+ i assumed unmounting the SD card would remove my apps, but it seems not. My apps still all worked with the SD card unmounted (from the menu on the phone, not actually removing the card). So, I followed the advice and went on to install angry birds with the SD card unmounted (but still in the phone). Bingo, the advice was correct, this worked. I've no idea why, how or whatever. I then remounted my SD card in the menu and away I went to play angry birds. BUT... It had lost all my data, all my levels, high scores and everything. A little annoyed. But I remember I did a titanium backup. Win right? Ok, go into TiBackup and restore DATA ONLY for angry birds. Sweet, says it's done. Load the game, now it just instantly exits. DAMN! So, hours of trying to figure this out, I figure, hell what do I care, I didn't have an issue with the old version, it's just a little annoying when the Market app keeps telling you there are updates and you don't really care. Oh well, uninstall the now non-working angry birds and restore old version and data with TiBackup, should be fine right. NO! It sails failed to restore. So now I am completely doomed or what? Any advice/solutions? I have a nandroid backup, but only from like 2 months ago, the last time i flashed a rom.
  3. Ok, can someone explain pls. Why does paul says he can't do sense + gingerbread until there is some leak of a ROM from HTC, but yet others can do it on xda? Do xda devs have access to leaked ROMs that Paul does not? Why do they not share with him? Does anyone know how long until sense + gingerbread from Paul? Ball park figure is fine, I don't need exact dates, a month will do. I am wondering cos my r10 is fairly stable, battery is a bit s*** but i dont wanna go through the hassle of update to r11 if gingerbread gonna come out soon.
  4. It could be a dodgy SD card. I bought some cheap nasty 32gb card off ebay, and every time I tried to partition it with gparted, it would tell me it worked fine, then next time I plugged it in, all partitions except the first one would show as unallocated. When I went and bought a nice class 6 16gb card, paid a fair bit more but oh well, it works flawlessy. I did exactly the same stuff I was doing with the other card, and it was working with the new one. So seems to me, there are some dodgy cards out there and you may rip your hair out for days not knowing what you are doing wrong, when in fact you are doing nothing wrong other than dealing with a dodgy SD card.
  5. This! When I first got my desire, i found about 10 different ways to gold card the stock sd card, 5 different ways to root it, and about 20 different ways to setup apps2sd, at least 18 of which are now outdated. If there was only ONE guide for each of these, and the OP for this guide actually maintained his post, then it would be perfect for new users. Unfortunately this doesn't happen, and so when there is a "new" way to do something, someone comes out with a new guide. Perfect example is the gold card. Pauls sticky on creating a gold card is still about 20 steps, including doing manual crap to get your CID etc. Where as there is now a windows tool that will do about 15 of those steps for you. Also a lot of the guides (including the one at the start of this thread) don't include how to get `adb` up and running on your PC. E.g. what if I have a mac? or linux? It explains how to partition for a2sd with amonRA, but most other guides will tell you to do with manually with gparted. In fact try and get help on XDA and they will not even talk to you unless you partitioned that way. Eddy's point, which I agree with, (he just was a bit rude in getting it across), is that many guides like this make for confusion down the track when half of these steps are irrelevant, outdated, and just plain don't work anymore. Unless Kongo is going to maintain it. Really a discussion forum software like this and XDA is the wrong solution for stuff like this. I like leedroid's idea of having a website with a wiki and keeping that up to date with current list of HOWTO's. It's just a pity his ROMs just plain suck.
  6. Hi Guys, having a bit of a problem with the Titanium Backup app that comes in Pauls pre-bake ROMs. I ran a nandroid backup about a week ago, I do this regularly just cos. I was about to flash a new ROM on yesterday, so I nandroided again, and also did a full titanium backup. After flashing ROM / playing around with new ROMs etc I decided i'd had enough playing, time to go back to what I had yesterday. So go to nandroid restore. Uh-oh, invalid MD5 apparently. Lucky I had one from a week ago, so I restore that one instead, all good. So now I'm just without a weeks worth of data, not too much hassle. Got my titanium backup from yesterday at least. Go to restore that, but it seems any app i restore, it won't restore the settings. E.g. I restore ConnectBot and none of my default connections are there, with all the saved passwords etc. Restore RoboDefense, it's as if I just installed it, no saved levels etc. Any attempts in Titanium Backup to restore settings for apps says it works, but in reality it's not making any difference. What exactly am I doing wrong? How can I tell if the backups in the TitaniumBackup folder actually have anything in them? I see all the files there, but no idea if they are empty backups or what. Edit: ok, i did some googling, found some stuff that said you should always "verify" your backups after running a backup.. i did so now and for some reason every single one of my backups have an error... based on my nandroid from yesterday being bung, and all these TI backups being bung, i would say I have a shoddy SD card
  7. Backup and Restore in clockword recovery mod refers to a "nandroid" backup. Which is a snapshot of everything on your phone, except for the FAT32 partition on your sdcard. A lot of ROMs require you wipe certain parts, mostly the cache etc. A majority of this will be rebuilt by the new ROM on first boot. As for backing up the "important" stuff, I assume you mean things like app settings etc. There is an app called Titanium Backup which you can run and it will backup all apps, settings etc to your sdcard, so they won't be wiped when you nandroid backup/restore. After flashing a new ROM, you can restore what you want with Titanium Backup. Often restoring certain system settings will crash the new ROM, as you just overwrote some system settings probably in some old format. The app doesn't really give warning for this, so I mostly just use it to restore apps and leave system settings alone. Sure it means you have to re-enter your google account info and wifi info with every ROM flash, but that's easy enough.
  8. I had read this too, but alas, I'd already tried waiting minutes after "safely removing" from the PC. I shall try this now, I have backups of all the data so no issues regarding re-partitioning etc. Does anyone know the "correct" way to swap SD cards using A2SD+ if the card you really want to use can't be gold carded? Edit: ok, now I am shocked. jp514's advice has worked, starting from a fresh FAT32 partition on the sdcard using the FULL card (e.g. no ext parition) formatted with the proper sd card formatter from sdcard website, and using a non-a2sd ROM, it has flashed perfectly fine. So I guess it truly IS a gold card and the issue is coming from trying to flash an A2SD rom on there for some reason. I shall try some more partition options and see how I go. Thanks jp514! Edit 2: BINGO! using gparted, instead of deleting all existing partitions and creating brand new ones, i just resized the existing FAT partition that the proper sdcard formatter created to allow for 512MB at the end, and put an ext3 partition there. All working perfect and can flash A2SD roms again. Not sure it matters, but the proper formatter left 4mb of unallocated space at the beginning of the disk. I decided to leave it there. So the solution could be the 4mb unallocated space at the start, or it could be the FAT partition created by gparted was faulty, or it could be gparted was creating "bad" data in the partition table when it is used to partition the entire disk.
  9. Howdy peeps, I bought a new SD card today, a 16gb class 6 Lexmark. First thing I did was partition it with gparted for A2SD, all FAT32 at the front and a 512MB ext3 at the end. Once complete I loaded into windows and made it a gold card. Once that was done, I copied over all my nandroid backups etc onto it. When I put it in my HTC desire and booted it into recovery and did a nandroid restore, everything is working perfectly well. Until, this afternoon when I attempted to install paul's r10 WIP for htc desire. I get an error saying bad zip. So i went over to xda and figured i'd try leedroid (never tried it before), same error. I then decided to go fresh r9 just to test, same error. So, pulling my hair out not know why all these zips are "bad", I put r10 on the original 2gb SD card and try to flash from there instead. Bingo, works a charm. So it would seem the issue is I can't flash any ROMs at all from the new 16gb card (I also tried some cheap nasty 32gb card I got off ebay). I definitely went through the gold card process, I even did it a second time to be sure. Anyone know a) how can i double check it actually is a gold card (i used the gold cord tool 0.05 or whatever), and :lol: what other problems could it be? Edit: I confirmed in linux (using dd as per a HOWTO i found using google) that the gold card has worked, so dunno what the reason is. If I am doomed to not be able to flash from this card and have to flash from a separate card then swap it out, what's the correct way to do it whilst using A2SD? Given some of the apps are in the ROM, e.g. when I flashed from my 2gb card and swapped it out, I don't have the paid version of the titanium backup app that paul's ROM gives me for free.
  10. I knew the FAT one had to be done first, but the peculiar problem for me was the the EXT partition had to live at the start of the disk, but be created second. My main gripe here is, if an EXT partition can't live past a certain block on the disk, then why don't partition tools tell you so when they create it? When I plugged my old 2GB card in to see how it was done, it was partitioned as I expected, which was FAT at the front and the EXT at the end, with a small swap right at the very end. I tried to mimick this exactly with my new 32GB card.
  11. update: i managed to get it to work by creating the FAT32 at the end of the drive but creating it FIRST, i.e. leaving 512MB of free space. This means it sits at the end of the disk but it's the first thing written in the partition table, so it will be the first partition linux sees. I think create the EXT3 partition at the beginning of the drive as it seems to be the only place I can create it successfully.
  12. I tried EXT3. I've narrowed it down to something pretty simple that I don't think I'm going to be able to solve. In GParted, I create a 31gb FAT32, then a 512mb EXT3 at the end. That's all I do. I hit save. It goes ahead and does it all. I take the card reader out and put it back in. GParted reads the device again, I see my FAT32 partition there, but the EXT3 partition is now marked as UNKNOWN. Of course from here the phone won't be able to do anything with it since it can't mount that partion as ext3. Have tried everything from EXT2/3/4 and all kinds of sizes 128MB / 256MB / 512 MB. Have tried telling GParted to align to cylinder instead of MB. Nothing seems to make the EXT3 partition at the end readable. IF i put the EXT3 at the START of the disk, then fill the rest out as FAT32 then GParted will see both partitions perfectly fine when plugged back in, and linux can mount the EXT3 partition fine as well. The droid however refuses to mount the sdcard from anything other than the first partition on the disk. When I boot to recovery and try to "apply update.zip from sdcard" to get into clockworkmod, it just says can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p0, which of course is the EXT3 partition in this particular situation.
  13. Ok, literally at a loss now. Running off the gparted live cd. Put the card reader in. It sees my disk, I remove all partitions and apply. From 32gb unallocated, i create a 2gb fat32, a 256mb ext2 and a 32mb swap. Apply. All good. Refresh devices, bam, my ext2 and swap partitions are now "unknown" and unmountable. WTF! I was going to try creating them all as logical partitions in an extended, thinking it's something to do with can't create ext2 partitions after a certain block, but gparted just craps out whenever i try and create an ext2 inside an extended. Pulling my hair out now. Either don't use a2sd and limit myself to not many apps, or waste more money on another 32gb card and hope it works.
  14. G'day Eddy Thanks for the help. I had tried what you said after my last post. It didn't work either, and TBH i didn't have high hopes anyway as GParted wouldn't be doing anything different than what I am doing myself with fdisk on my ubuntu machine. I have gotten sick of all the swapping of cards between machines and now just dealing with adb directly on the phone itself and partitioning whilst on there. The problem seems to be that once the first partition FAT partition is greater than 2GB, the EXT partition created after that block is unmountable (not only by the phone, but even by linux). Something doesn't seem right here, as I am sure people are running a2sd with > 2GB FAT partitions. Perhaps it's my sdcard, i dunno. But if i create the FAT partition as just 1GB and then put my EXT partition directly after that, it will mount and boot fine. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a 32gb card though!
  15. update: i am able to use the phone as per normal once i put the old 2gb card back in and nandroid from there, it's only the new card I can't seem to do anything so i guess I am back to square one, how does one get a new card ready to go if you are using a2sd+? obviously creating the partitions myself is a bad idea, since i've tried creating them and filling them with the old data, and also just creating empty partitions and booting recovery, and also tried creating partions and putting empty ext4 filesystem on the apps partition and empty fat32 on the main partition, none of these work, get the same error when trying to wipe data, saying cant wipe /sd-ext etc. some people suggest formatting the entire card as just plain fat 32, put a standard r9 rom on with no a2sd, then download rom manager from market and use rom manager to partition the card while it's still in the phone, then once it's partitioned, copy the nandroid backups onto the fat partition and should be fine to nandroid from there... sounds like quite a long process? thoughts?
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