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  1. Aye aye captain, thought that. I've handed it back defeated and told him to get it back to tesco, cheers anyway
  2. Friend has passed me his father's Hudl 2, it refuses to pick up wifi from varoius routers, BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and mobile hotspots. I have wiped cache and done a factory rest via recovery but i still can't get past the select wifi screen. Is there a flashable stock rom available anywhere? I don't want to root the device as it looks like it will have to go back to Tesco?
  3. Im with 3 network and happens with mine too
  4. This way was easiest for me... http://www.modaco.com/topic/353860-help-im-new-and-i-cant-do/
  5. Working now, I had unzipped it to an image folder I had created :blush:
  6. Hi guys, managed to get my hands on an old Gen 1 San Fran which runs like treacle with the orange bloatware. I've been trying to update it but all the links appear dead, filesonic, megaupload etc... Thanks in advance
  7. Awesome deal at £80! I bought one too, in white, for a friend's birthday.
  8. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1257426
  9. Thanks for the reply but the proximity sensor fix has worked very well, so much so that I seldom notice or even remember that I was stupid enough to drop the phone.
  10. Hey guys, dropped my phone and it landed on the power button spot on! It is now jammed and won't turn screen on or off, I tried un-jamming it with a pin but have caused more damage the drop. O2 want £102 to repair. I'm working around the problem using the proximity sensor to power screen on and off meantime. Is there an easy fix out there? Thanks
  11. The linux method worked for me and I understand the windows method is working for others. If you were to state how far you got and what error messages were received some of us may be able to help?
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