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  1. At first a big THANKS to the Dev's. The new Beta2 is much more stable than the Beta1. I notiched a few things: - beta2 is slower compared to the beta1 also Quadrant (700 vs 400) but its because of EXT4 I think? - ADB doesn't work for me after testing a few Drivers. greetz
  2. For those who still having problems with SDCard (mounting) try to put something on ur SDCard (some files ~200mb) after a fresh format. I had the same issue in the first install so i reinstalled and it works. Some infos: I'm using a Primary Fat32 formatted SDCard.
  3. Hey guys, testing new froyo beta and I've to say GOOD JOB devs! Thank you so much! There is just 1 problem: I can't connect my Phone to PC (DroidExplorer) anymore. Phone is plugged in and DroidExplorer says Device found, ADB/Installing works but I can't see Folders/SDCard. I'm trying to fix it with the ''*#7284#'' command but it doesn't seem to work. It always says: "Connection problem or invalid MMI code." any suggestions? greetz!
  4. Wow impressive video thanks... keep up the good work! greetz
  5. Isn't tom3q already making a driver? Maybe your posted source will speed it up.
  6. vibrate doesnt work for me.. can sb confirm this? edit: wlan works fine for me.
  7. It's similar to Neomtel's SMAX UI? More infos would be nice.
  8. DroidExplorer with lastest google usb drivers (android sdk) also works.
  9. @drwakey SetCPU probably should work but we need to root our device first.. your linked program also should work.. installed it but needs busybox..
  10. nice you can add "*#7284#" to the list wich allows us to connect our phone as a PDA device btw just installed Droid-Explorer and it works.... here a pic of my homescreen atm: €: for all those who have problems with sim contacts: -> go to contacts -> press the 6 edge button and choose DISPLAY OPTIONS -> drop down on ur gmail acc -> check ALL OTHER CONTACTS and voila all contacts are there..
  11. download + install from market then restart device.. or go to menu -> clock -> the house button on the right side and choose launcher pro
  12. I used My Storage root method... works fine for me. €: ppl keeps asking the same questions over and over again.. just read the instructions on the o2droid page...
  13. you have to import them first -> Menu -> Contacts -> mid-button -> Import/Export
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