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  1. try this dl: http://www.4shared-china.com/dir/33453660/2c02b453/ROM.html
  2. hi,thanks for your nice work. i have a little problem:my phone cannot connect network after install this Rom
  3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\MsgTypes\IPM\SMStext DLL "htmlnote.dll"="mms.dll"
  4. thank sh.a.k. i installed this rom to my phone this is what i always want. very clean, fast and stable. bluetooth, camera and GPS full working. but i encountered a problem when dialing, the background is not normal and activesync cannot connect to PC what did i not do? sorry my bad english and thank your great work
  5. hi shark, im using your jh2. i very like your pure rom,It's very clean, fast and without any program of Samsung. but the effect does not smooth than your JH1, would you continue to cook a rom for jh2? without any Samsung or ms's program of ultraclean rom? because i think that software can be obtained through the installation. i have not much english to talk, idon't know how to express my gratitude and hope. thank you, shark
  6. http://cid-36a984fa1a43266a.office.live.co...0II/oem7620.rar
  7. Where can I download the fmradio part? thank you very much.
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