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  1. Sadly no. Im no developer, i just gathered the information how to root etc. and compiled it into a tutorial.
  2. !!You do this on your own risk!! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tizib3dek9snok8/z5_mini_root_and_gapps_pack.zip Before Plugging in your Phone into the Computer check the option USB Debugging in the Development Options. !!Attention You need to root before you can do anything else!! 0. Drivers: Plug the Phone in and you will see a executable in the Computer Section like in the picture. Run it to install the drivers for the phone. Root, Recovery & Gapps: Unpack the provided zip file you will see three new files. 1. Recovery: Open up the recovery folder and run the recovery.bat choose option 1. It will take a while at the end the phone will reboot into CWM recovery. Because our version is newer everything after line 3 got 1 higher. Choose line 6 and make a backup of your system. After it has finished shut your phone down and boot it up again.. The option on the bottom is back and option 8 (9) is shutdown. 2. Root:, Open up the root folder and run the .exe file. Choose option 5 to root your device that will take a while. At the end you should have su and link2sd on your homescreen. 3. Gapps: Copy the selected folder to your internal sd card! Now reboot into CWM (volup+power) Select option 2 to flash a .zip file choose the zip file. Reboot like in step 1 You are finished.
  3. Right now the MIUI 1.8.5 version form Lensflare is just perfect. Very little battery drain and stable.
  4. Sorry i did the same mistake some time ago i had to RMA it.
  5. You should not have removed the cable, you just had to try again. Did you already shut off? Or close the program?
  6. As known from games you need at least stable 30FPS to get a decent video quality.
  7. If you have a problem with you phone you can just reflash it, i did it a few times already and i got everything replaced. You wont be able to force them, LG has moved on already. Speed is the new Star barley anyone knows the GT540.
  8. Omg what the fu.. we have already 2.3 Cyanogenmod 7 fully working and running. We dont need the outdated 2.2 anymore...
  9. Hello everyone I thought about how we could make the liquid any faster my liquid only overclocks to 921Mhz . We all know that the liquid has a snapdragon wich couldn't hold 1Ghz during testing and was sorted out. But the cpu should be the same like in the Nexus One. Now my idea, would it be possible to transplant a cpu from a Nexus to a Liquid to make it faster, like a engine swap? I would like to hear you opinons basically I need to buy a damaged Nexus for cheap and give it a try, or not?
  10. As far i know you need root explorer and root rights. Mount the system with Read and Write rights and try to replace again.
  11. Simply said you cant. Why? If you delete stock apps wich came with the phone you will only clear up space wich is reserved for the system itself. Resulting from this you wont gain more space on the data part of you phone, because it will stay the same. If you want more space use app2sd or use a rom where the data storage already has been extended.
  12. if you look through the f****g forum you will find the awnser one topic above yours...
  13. Issues i noticed: After call it takes very long for the screen to turn on again (or it crashes), unstable often just crashes, after updating a theme simcard is for a long time not recognized (can happen even without using themeupdates), the 2.3 topbar doesnt blend very well with the white miui bar, camera very laggy (like frameshow), battery drain is very huge!!! 30% in 4 hours is just to much. Everything else is really great i will be using this rom if the problems above are fixed.
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