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  1. No hardware accelleration I guess
  2. Do you mean Fastboot? Just remove the battery and wait 10 secs, then put the battery in your Pulse again and turn it on :).
  3. It does NOT work as smooth as on the video. It laggs sometimes a little bit (FroYo, JIT/SWAP 64mb/OC 710 MHz)
  4. Can someone upload the browser APK? Or isn't it better than the FroYo browser?
  5. Did you read the ultimate owner guide? Everything will be explained there
  6. I thought 2.3 requires a snappdragon chip? We ain't got that chip..
  7. Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to enable the GPU acceleration on our Pulses. I heard the GPU isn't being used in our Pulses, so the graphics are a lot slower then they should be. Is there any way to enable our GPU?
  8. I hope theyll add hardware acceleration, this aint gonna work this way. You can makebit a bit more playable by disabeling internet to prevent adds from being loaded, but it will not work very well though..
  9. Is there any way to fastboot this image..? I can't get it working via clockwork recovery (It gives me a Status 7 error)..
  10. Hi! I was wondering wether de Pulse had a graphic chip or not, because I noted that some games struggle (i.e. Doodle Jump).
  11. Yes, noted that too today. I checked it, and you have to power off GPS via de settings menu, not via de energy widget. The GPS Icon will stay in your status bar, but it is turned off.
  12. Use VOLUME DOWN+RED BUTTON+POWER BUTTON, keep these pressed and a blue screen will appear: Welcome in Fastboot.
  13. No, the app you mention just restarts the camera once you made a photo :)
  14. Shut down your phone, press Volume DOWN+End Call+POWER (keep these pressed)
  15. WiFi works for me with 0.20 OC/SWAP kernel.
  16. I did not use an overclock :), so it might be the OS reading the battery state wrong.
  17. There are 2 thing what might cause the problem: - The script isn't correct - The script IS correct, but FastBoot isn't compiled for PowerPC-Macs. If the last case applies, we can't fix it.
  18. Your Fastboot instructions do not work on PPC-macs.
  19. FIXED ROTATION! Use Flib's rotation fix ( http://www.mediafire.com/?5vmtjolub2dtkcl ) Extract the zip on your SD-Card Open ADB and insert the following commands: mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system rm -r /system/lib/hw cp -r /sdcard/hw /system/lib/ reboot and you have working sensors :) (And much faster than on Eclair)
  20. You have to flash it through fastboot, not via the recovery.
  21. Does Flib's sensorfix for FroYo work on the CM 6 for Pulse?
  22. http://tweakers.net/nieuws/69918/vodafone-...ne-845-aan.html The name is Vodafone 945
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